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How to Can Dry Beans and Peas

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Canned Dry Beans

I always have such fun experimenting with new plants and varieties in the garden! This year I tried growing our own dry beans for using in soup and stew recipes over the winter. My expectations were pretty low… I had tried growing them last year as an underplanting in the dent corn (think 3 sisters) […] Read more…


Roasted Cherry Tomato Paste

| Farmstead Kitchen, Food Preservation

garden tomatoes-7

Ok, ok. I know this isn’t technically tomato paste. It’s a total food preservation hack, but I love finding those. Especially when it comes to getting the most bang for my garden-fresh-tomato-buck! You know how happy I have been about finding a way to get 3 quarts of the most delicious tomato sauce with only […] Read more…


Homemade Medicine Made Simple: Immune-Boosting Elderberry Syrup {For the Pantry Shelf}

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It doesn’t surprise me that DIY health care is increasing in popularity. We know that the folks in control of the health care system in our country don’t necessarily have our best interest at heart. Much to their chagrin, there is an increasing availability of information for those looking to take back control of their own […] Read more…


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