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How to Can Dry Beans and Peas

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Canned Dry Beans

I always have such fun experimenting with new plants and varieties in the garden! This year I tried growing our own dry beans for using in soup and stew recipes over the winter. My expectations were pretty low… I had tried growing them last year as an underplanting in the dent corn (think 3 sisters) […] Read more…


Roasted Cherry Tomato Paste

| Farmstead Kitchen, Food Preservation

garden tomatoes-7

Ok, ok. I know this isn’t technically tomato paste. It’s a total food preservation hack, but I love finding those. Especially when it comes to getting the most bang for my garden-fresh-tomato-buck! You know how happy I have been about finding a way to get 3 quarts of the most delicious tomato sauce with only […] Read more…


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