Animal Husbandry

Animals Around The Homestead

Part of producing healthy food for your family is raising livestock. Each provides something unique.

stack of homemade soap
Natural Health & Beauty

Caring for our bodies is more than what we put in them.

By making your own soaps, lotions, and other body care items as well as herbal remedies and cleaning products, you can choose healthy ingredients to care for your family.

Preserve the food your raise

See our chicken butchering set up and process and find out how much it costs to raise meat chickens
mascarpone-6 milk in cheese cloth

Simplicity in its essence demands neither a vow of poverty nor a life of rural homesteading. As an ethic of self-conscious material moderation, it can be practiced in cities and suburbs, townhouses and condominiums. It requires neither a log cabin nor a hairshirt but a deliberate ordering of priorities so as to distinguish between the necessary and superfluous, useful and wasteful, beautiful and vulgar.

– David Shi


Homesteading isn’t where you live.  It’s how you live.  If you are taking an active role in your food production, you are a homesteader. For the agrarian, it’s about exercising dominion over the Lord’s Creation and mindful stewardship of the land and livestock. Your property with all its imperfections is what He has blessed you with and called you to manage today.

As we work to be more self sufficient, to know where our food comes from and what’s in it, we are growing in our skills and knowledge. We make mistakes that help us do thing better the next time. We seek to give back to the land as it gives to us. We want to walk beside you in your journey as we grow in this together.

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