I think that gardens and earth connections draw us closer to God, perhaps easier than anything else. – Joel Salatin

Welcome to Reformation Acres!

I’m Selinda, a fisherman’s daughter turned homesteader; from the coast to the Midwest.  I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when I married a man with a dream of homesteading, but now, many years later, I’m loving every minute of it.  We have learned so much (sometimes the hard way).  

I am thrilled to be carrying the torch of Reformation Acres and revive what Quinn began so many years ago.  As you read the posts, you will find the original posts from Quinn as she had so much wisdom and value to give.  I hope to build upon that as we walk this homestead journey together.  

This site has evolved over the years. You can look back and see Quinn’s children playing with their first hens in the grass, see the first fruit trees they planted, butchered their first hogs, and buried their first dairy cow. Life and death, hope and disappoint, accomplishments and failures, are all part of this homesteading journey.

My mission for Reformation Acres is the same as that of Quinn’s: “to encourage and support you as you follow your homestead dream regardless of what circumstances you’re in and what obstacles are in your path.  Homesteading isn’t where you live.  It’s how you live.  If you are taking an active role in your food production, you are a homesteader. 

For the Christian agrarian, it’s about exercising dominion over the Lord’s Creation and mindful stewardship of the land and livestock. Your property with all its imperfections is what He has blessed you with and called you to manage today. Homestead it to the glory of God!”

I love the name Reformation Acres.  Whether it’s preserving food that was grown in a container garden on your deck, tending to some backyard chickens, or running an entire farmstead, our outlook on life changes.

a mother goat with her kid goats grazing in the field

I’ve been part of the upper Midwest life for over a decade now.  When I first arrived inland from the coast, I was in a different world.  My very first lessons in homesteading were from my wonderful mother-in-law who took me under her wing and taught me how to start a garden – everything from when to start seeds, put plants in the ground after the last threat of frost had passed, when to weed (and what were weeds), down to preserving the harvest through canning, jellies, and freezing.  I remember feeling so grown up when I canned my first tomatoes while we were living in an apartment in the city, all the while dreaming of the day of owning a place in the country.  

A couple years after that, we were so excited to move into our own place.  The property was overgrown with bushes and the old barn looked like the roof could fall in under the weight of the snow at any time.  We couldn’t have been happier and we set out to restore the property and manage it the best we could.  

As we work to be more self sufficient, to know where our food comes from and what’s in it, we are growing in our skills and knowledge.  We make mistakes that help us do thing better the next time.  We seek to give back to the land as it gives to us. We want to walk beside you in your journey as we grow in this together.   

As Quinn wrote, “You can expect me to continue sharing what I’ve been learning in our gardens and from around our homestead. I hope to encourage you as you walk the path on your own homestead journey and follow your dream. I want you to keep the “simple” in the simple life by managing orderly, abundant, and joyful farms. I want you to be inspired to acquire new knowledge and skills. I want you to take control of your health and learn to build a natural herbal medicine cabinet.”  To give the best food possible to your family and the satisfaction that comes with doing it with your own hands and hard work.  

I will strive to do this and continue here where Quinn left off.  

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Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God!