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Moving The Pigs To The Pasture -The Wrong Way (VIDEO)

If you’ve been reading long, you’ll know that we seem to appreciate a good pig adventure around here and this year has already been no exception. Apparently, we weren’t content to simply and peacefully move the pigs from the barn to the new pasture area like we did last year.

No, it would seem that we were needing the excitement of a move that can be described as anything but quiet might provide.

When we were altogether unfamiliar with all things swine, and brought our very first pigs home on a tarp in back of our family van (because after all, how big can feeder pigs be???), they were carried back to the pen in much the same fashion as you see here.

The squealing brought the neighbors out it echoed so loudly. 

They must have thought we were killing someone it was so loud.

The next year, we learned the proper way to carry them is upside down by their hind legs. They’re as quiet as mice then. But these ones were far too heavy to even attempt that.

It’s important that we backyard farmers know the right to do jobs like this to make it “neighbor friendly.” The happier we keep our neighbors, the more receptive folks will be of our homesteading ambitions.

Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification. Romans 15:2

pigs with its nose in the air and grass hanging out of its mouth

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