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Your Questions: Modest Jersey Knit Nightgown

I did come across your sewing section and how you go about making a night gown. Well, I read your directions and I am still lost on how to go about making one for my self. I just am a visual learner and was wondering if you had the time to put a photo of the night gown up so I can see the front and back and then use your directions.

This poor reader happened to ask this question while my camera was in for repairs and ended up getting some awful camera phone photos from me!

I can empathize with not understanding the directions and needing a visual aid to help figure out what I’m talking about. I didn’t post any at the time because doing so didn’t seem… well… modest, but considering it is really hard to find modest nightgowns or patterns to make your own and these have served me so well this past year or so including right through a full term pregnancy & now for nursing (Not bad for a $10 project!!), I’m putting that aside and sharing some photos so you might make one yourself should you feel inclined to do so.

It’s literally 5 simple steps- the hardest part is figuring out at what measurements you should cut the fabric, but I think it would be very forgiving because of the elastic if you didn’t get it right.

(See the elastic under the bust & around the neckline? It’s not at all visible when you’re wearing it, just a lovely ruffle)

UPDATE: For complete directions see comments below.

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