strawberry plants under a net


A Sunday tradition it would seem.

5/21- Not a house cat. In the house. I told her Daddy that if he really wanted to get her a present for her second birthday that she would love it would be something soft, furry, and female (preferable calico) little something to keep her in a constant supply of soft, furry little somethings. He didn’t go for it. 

 5/22- A fabulous row cover idea compliments of Pinterest. Tulle!! 

I bought an entire bolt (450 square feet) for $39. It is much nicer than fabric row cover! It’s lighter, more permeable so I can see the ripe berries right through it. More versatile so that extremely large or odd shaped areas can be cut and covered. Less expensive and more durable. After being exposed to the elements the last year, the fabric row cover I purchased seems more fragile and can be easily torn. 

I’m excited to be able to cover my strawberries this year. Hopefully it will keep unwanted pests out of the berries like chipmunks, and bunnies, and children. 

Or at least chipmunks and bunnies. 

5/23- Yea! My new lens came! First shot and it did just what I was hoping it would do- a wide aperture for my dark home and a shorter focal length for those little folks who like to get right up in the camera’s face. No more backing up!

5/24- I don’t remember taking this photo. But I can’t say for sure I didn’t. It was exposed well enough that I doubt it is the work of one of the younger members of the house. I do know this much, Lydia didn’t take it. 

5/25- Happy Birthday to my girls! Hannah and Rebekah shared their birthday cake picnic style in a hay field because their Daddy was baling that evening. Oh my was that cake delicious! It was simply a white cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and pirouette cookies halved and adhered to the frosting. But the best, best part was the berries. Harvested fresh that morning from our own backyard their wonderful flavor seemed to lightly flavor the entire cake. I could have eaten a much larger slice, but refrained. And because I know you want to see another photo of the it:

5/26- Why not bookend the week with another missing photo? 

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