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Top Thirteen From 2013

Highlighting your top 13 favorite posts from 2013 this evening.

Some that surprised me. Some that didn’t.

Some you might have read, some perhaps you missed.

Some you might go back and glean from again… especially from the conversation in the comments.

Or a recipe you forgot to try. Or a cookbook you forgot to buy.

I hope you enjoy the recap and perhaps you’ll take a moment and let me know which post from last year was your favorite so I might get an idea of what you’re looking for more of in 2014!

1.) Rethinking Mulch Gardening 
In which I discuss why I won’t be using ramial wood chips in my vegetable gardens and ruffled quite a few feathers!

2.)  Your Questions: Getting It All Done
I let you in on my secrets of how I “get it all done,” or do I? 

3.)  Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
Don’t forget the peppers and onions. 

4.) Grounds Tour
Let me show you around our new homestead. 

5.) 2013 Meat Chicken Cost Analysis
How did we do with the Freedom Rangers this year?

6.) Pumpkin Spice Lattes
And I don’t even drink coffee, but clearly you do. 

7.) 2012 Homestead Yields and Cost Analysis 
Laying out all the figures and stats…Stay tuned for this year’s post in the coming weeks…

8.)  Butternut Squash Pie 
Feeding my butternut squash addiction and my sweet tooth, this is one tasty pie. 

9.) From Scratch
My review of my favorite cookbook of 2013! But you have your own copy by now, so you know how great it is, RIGHT??!! (If not, click HERE and get cooking “from scratch” today!)

10.) Your Questions: Where to Start? 
If I was starting all over how would I do it? Turned out this would become a helpful post for myself to reflect upon after we moved!

11.) Back to Eden: One Gardener’s Experience 
Who knew mulching could be so controversial!? Certainly not me!

12.) Whole Grain Wheat Thin Crackers
A tasty little whole grain cracker. No wonder it moved it’s way up the count so quickly! Have you tried baking your own wheat thins yet?

13.) Up to Speed: Why We Left
There were at least a handful of good reasons why we moved from the old homestead that so many have shared would be their dream to own, but there was one reason that sealed the deal and allowed us to break away from all the hopes and efforts we put in to reforming that bit of land. 

Did you have a favorite post from 2013? 

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  1. Nicole- you sound like us. We have 40 acres of family farm ground we are purchasing. There is the home site, garden, pasture, and farm ground. Their are no buildings other than a shop and very played out soil. It a slow but steady process. We have pigs and hope this summer to add sheep, dairy goats, and a small barn to house said goats. Good luck to you guys!

  2. My favourite was your lay of the land post. I also loved your ‘every day’ posts ( I can’t remember what you called them. Anything you write is great though!

  3. The heritage of your land makes me jealous, as does the potential before you of all of those 40 acres! 🙂 I'm so glad you've found some inspiration here and I hope your endeavors are all blessed and fruitful!

  4. It's not nice to share crack with others! We will be in Georgia summer 2014, but this website is making me Jones for some gardening! I may have to come over and help you:)

  5. We are about to start a little homestead adventure and your blog is like crack to me right now! ( inappropriate comparison? Perhaps.) we live on 40 acres of land that's been in my husbands family forever. It used to be a working farm until the grandparents passed away and the following generation let it go. We are starting with a large garden and chickens, then hoping to add bees and pigs. I dream of a mini dairy cow, but that might be too adventurous. Anyway. Your blog is awesome. Going to scope out your cook book next!