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They’re Here!

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You’ve been asking for months.

“Will there be an updated version of the 2016 Homestead Management Printables released?”

Well, not only am I able to happily answer, “Yes!” but I am so pleased to share that they are not merely updated for the new year, but have a brand-spanking new appearance, many improvements, and several new sheets that were not available in the 2015 version!

The 2016 Homestead Management Printables have all the same sheets you used and loved last year that were so helpful in setting up your Homestead Managment Binder, but also have new sheets to help you track your rabbit breeding program, keep track of the health and production of your honeybee hives, food preservation worksheets, a completely detailed fall gardening tab on the Seed Sowing Calculator, and more!

I was blown away by your response to these worksheets last year! It was so exciting to know that I was going to be helping you keep track and see the combined fruits of your homesteading efforts, stay more organized, scheduled, and keep on top of the work that it takes to effectively run your homestead. I’m thrilled to help you keep the momentum going and continue to make your homestead and garden the most productive one it can be in 2016!

I bet you’re wondering if you should purchase the 2016 update…

In addition to the numerous new pages that will increase your productivity and organization, it has been my experience that I always seem to peter out with my record keeping somewhere around November. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s an observation I’ve made over the years. Not only does the new year give me fresh motivation to begin again, but I’ve found that redesigning my binder pages tends to make me excited to use them and start filling out the worksheets. Sure you can always print out your own calendars and cross out the “2015” and write in the new year on many of the sheets… or even design your own, but I believe that the burden of trying to replicate the Homestead Management Printables would be more time-prohibitive than how cost-prohibitive purchasing the updates would be.

To learn more about the 2016 Homestead Management Printables or to buy them now, visit here.

And to kick things off, I’m offering the 2016 Homestead Management Printables to you at 20% off through the rest of December!

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May your 2016 be blessed & abundant


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  1. THANKS SO MUCH for doing these! I had the 2015 set and LOVE them. Super excited to get these printed out for 2016!