young girl carrying a kitten

The Cat Lady

This poor little guy was dropped off on our porch at 5-6 weeks of age (his eyes were still blue) with his bones sticking out.

We looked for a home for him for about two days before we were completely won over. Sure we just lost a new kitten a couple weeks ago so he could have easily replaced her, but she was a she. And he is a he.

And we already have 2 other he’s. Things get complicated when you have too many he’s.

Do you want to know a little secret? I’ve have figured out the key to making a good cat.

A cat so good, they’ll treat you like they’re a dog. No getting mad and lashing out on a whim.

Let your cat ladies give them all the love they can handle. Works every time.

Giving them chicken skins and ham bones helps too.

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