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Spring Sowing

Spring rains and the arrival of our newest little one postponed the final planting in our garden about a week or so. But it’s finally finished, save for succession plantings, and no one even missed me! The children, particularly Jacob, who had a birthday this week and turned 5!!, stepped right in and filled my void.

farmer holding crops field

Future zucchini plant… Bearing future zucchini… to be harvested, shredded, added to Pineapple Zucchini Cake, called a health food because there are fruits and vegetables in it, and eaten by me!

My little tomato babies. 

There are 21 growing here. I gave 35 to my grandma & aunt, leaving another 20 or so which they sold for me at a garage sale. I made about $18!! I haven’t actually had an income in about 10 years!!

One of the peas that survived the chickens. 

They’re wreaking havoc on the garden this year. (The chickens, not the peas.) Eating seeds, crushing seedlings, and scattering the hay mulch. We tried leaving them cooped up, but the younger ones are flying through a gap near the ceiling and escaping since the barn doesn’t have any doors yet. The layers are stuck inside and are pretty ticked about it. They’re staging a strike and have cut production to 3-4 eggs a day (from 9 hens).

No girlie of mine would collect invertebrates.

Homegrown green peppers.

green peppers

I love dirt-y man hands!

 And I love dirt-y little-man hands!

{It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. Lamentations 3:27}

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  1. It is so true Leah!! I can’t believe the difference in work ethic between my oldest 2 sons. We spoiled my eldest rotten when he was young & it sure shows most of the time. It hasn’t been until this summer that I feel like we might be making some progress with him.

  2. Well isn’t that disappointing Mirage! That’s about the one thing it seems everyone gets too much of!

  3. Sadly yes I’ve tried zucchini too! Lol! I really am hopeless I think. 🙂 Half of it never sprouted. The bugs ate all of what sprouted as soon as it was out of the ground. We went to WalMart and got a 4 pack of already started ones, and the bugs ate half of those too. The 2 that were left grew into some lovely vines with some big blossoms… and then never made a zucchini.

  4. Your garden looks wonderful and what sweet helpers! How frustrating about the chickens.

    Our garden is way behind. Our tiller needed to be repaired. By the time it was fixed we got several days of rain in a row. Now we need to wait for the ground to dry out again before we can get the rest of the garden planted. We’ll be about 2 weeks behind. 🙁

    Our boys love helping in the garden, too. I’m not sure what we would do without them! I LOVE the verse you put at the end of your post! It’s so true!

  5. Kate- We actually threw the idea of wing clipping around wondering if they’d fly over the pasture fence once it’s up. The big girls are too fat (lazy) to fly over so I’m hoping these rascals will get there too- soon!

  6. What a lovely garden! I always get nostalgic and kind of … well, jealous when I read about other people’s gardens! I pretty much kill every plant I look at so I’ve managed to kill or simply be unable to sprout in the first place everything I’ve tried since we started our first garden 4 years ago. My dad is amazing with plants and some of my earliest memories with him are following him around as he tended his garden. He keeps trying to give me plants I can’t possibly kill… trying being the operative word. Perhaps I’m only meant to grow children and not plants. I may have to bury the part of me that desperately wants a pretty garden with yummy fruits, and settle for the farmer’s market.
    Meanwhile I wish you the sweetest, juiciest, and fattest veggies and fruits ever from your lovely garden. 🙂 Maybe I can garden vicariously by reading your posts! 😉

  7. Those naughty chickens!! 🙂 Ours were always flying over their fence, so my husband would clip their wings, build the fence up… and they’d still fly over. (or squeeze out of the fence!) They were always digging in our flower gardens, but left the veggies alone. I think the veggies were too far along!

    I love the man hands and little man hands! 🙂 My oldest son would die if he got to run the tiller!! We’ll give him a few years, though!