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Seed Packet Organization

A stack of seed packets like that is screaming for an organization method isn’t it? I know that last year far too many of my minutes were spent sifting through again and again, calculating and re-calculating dates and I still ended up forgetting to plant a few things or planted them late. We can excuse me a little bit though, I hope, since I did have a baby the day after our last frost date, can’t we?

I’ll give you two guesses as to how I chose to organize my seed packets, but you’ll only need one.

Oh, you’re so clever! How did you know I’d choose a binder?

Unless you’re brand spanking new here, you’ll know that I’m in love with my binder system, so it should come as no surprise that I repurposed an old cookbook binder into a new seeding binder.

My planting dates are clearly marked and the seeds to be planted on those dates noted.

I used 4 X 6 index card sheet protectors and labeled them with the planting dates.

I cut a sticky backed magnetic strip into pieces and arranged two on the top of each section. I think velcro may work better, but I didn’t have any and the magnets do the trick. The longer the section, the better it works.

The seed packets were arranged according to kind and planting date.

I also have seeds leftover from last year in a quart sized mason jar in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. I notated these and filed that sheet of paper under the appropriate date.

I’m sure there are more charming systems to be found out there, but this one didn’t cost me a dime since I was utilized unused items that were laying around the house. My seeding station is in the basement, so I think that a lovely system would be a bit out of place anyway.

It’s simple and will do the trick.

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