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Nothing Compares

Girl Holding Basil In Hands

We’re the first culture that views children as liabilities instead of assets. All cultures in history viewed children as a blessing. Today we talk about the cost of raising a child. You know, this is the first generation which the average child has not had domestic chores… kids used to grow up weeding the garden, picking beans, helping can applesauce, helping to cook. Today we call that child abuse….

Human self-actualization, human self-affirmation, I think is actually encouraged and stimulated when we viscerally participate in the physical elements of life. And there is no comparison with looking back at the end of the day and seeing gleaming jars of fresh-made, canned salsa for example, sitting on the shelf that you’ve picked the tomatoes and you’ve sliced and diced and you’ve smelled it and you’ve been viscerally involved, touching, smelling, moving it, and preserving it for the future. There’s nothing that compares with the sight and the ability to participate and have a visceral relationship with that production on the shelf compared go being the top performer in the latest video game. – Joel Salatin

Cake Stand: Fresh from the Market Farmstead Cakes

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