5 Mudroom Ideas That You’ll Surely Love

Do you have a mudroom?

In certain parts of the U.S.A., mudrooms are a popular fixture in many homes. Mudrooms are transition rooms, taking you from outdoors to indoors and providing you with a place to put your shoes, coats, purses, and other outdoor gear.

In some houses, the mudroom is a space just inside the front door, while in others, it’s a room to itself. No matter which is the case in your home, you might be looking for ways to spruce up this part of your house.

It’s easy to neglect your transitionary mudroom. You pass through it on your way to and from your house, but you usually don’t linger there. Your shoes are tossed off as you step in the door, landing in a pile with all your family members’ shoes. Your coat slips off a hook that already has two or three other coats on it.

You’d like your mudroom to be more organized, but how?

Don’t worry. We’ve found several great tips and tricks to help you re-organize your mudroom and keep it that way. Check out our mudroom ideas, and you’ll have a useful and appealing space to welcome guests into your warm and inviting home.

Why Do You Need a Mudroom?

Mudroom with hats, footwear, jackets, and umbrella

Not every home has a mudroom. If yours doesn’t, you may wonder why you’d need one. Well, mudrooms have a practical purpose.

If you live in an area where it snows, you may need a place to remove your wet boots and outerwear. Without a mudroom, you’re left with no option but to leave your wet things right inside your door. Add your kids to the mix, and you’ll soon have a pile of wet, dirty clothing just inside your door.

You want your home to reflect you, and the entrance plays a major part in creating a nice first impression. A mudroom is a great way to present an attractive and organized front.

With a mudroom, you’ll have storage space for all your family’s shoes, coats, scarves, and hats. When you leave for work or school in the mornings, everyone will be able to find what they need for the day. Additionally, when you return, you’ll have a place to put your winter gear and shoes so your entryway will be clutter-free.

If you have a large family, the appeal of a well-organized and spacious mudroom is undeniable. But even small families can benefit from having a mudroom. You’ll find lots of compact storage solutions for your small mudroom space.

​Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Mudroom

Each house is as unique as the families living there, soyour mudroom should be unique to your needs. We’ve assembled the best tips andtricks to help you manage your mudroom space efficiently.

1. Specialized Storage for Your Family


The easiest way to make your mudroom work for you is to step up your organization and storage. If each member of your family has a designated place to put their shoes – such as a basket or storage cube, you can eliminate most of the floor clutter in your mudroom.

Additionally, you can hang hooks on the wall for coats, hats, and scarves. If you have room, you can separate your wall space with dividers, allowing each family member to have their own bit of wall and bench. If possible, leave a space available for your guests.

In the spirit of organization, you can also hang a dry-erase board, bulletin board, or chalkboard in your mudroom. You can post your family’s appointments and events here. If you want, each family member can have a section of the board for their weekly reminders. This way, no one forgets their lunch before leaving for school.

2. Embrace a Theme


Does your house have a specific style of décor? If so, you might like your mudroom to match. Located at the entrance of your home, your mudroom has a unique opportunity to provide a great first impression. The style you choose makes a difference.

You’ll find lots of ideas for ways to make your mudroom more stylish simply through your choice of fixtures and storage containers. Paint colors, flooring, and wall decorations can help you create a unique look for your mudroom.

If your home is located near a lake or the ocean, try a nautical theme. You can look for paint colors, flooring styles, and décor that compliment that theme. Find storage containers or coat hooks that share the same theme.

By creating a unified look at the entrance of your home, you can make sure your home creates the stunning first impression you’ve always wanted it to.

3. Mudroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Mudroom with a hat hanging

What if you don’t have a designated mudroom in your house?

If you have a small house, you might not have the space for a complete mudroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the experience of having a mudroom. You can create the same kind of organized transitionary space in your house with a few simple tricks.

You can find small mudroom benches and hall trees to fit in the small spaces near your entryway. These furniture pieces can be decorated or modified to suit your style and your organization needs. If your space is too small for any of these pieces, you can use a simple bench and wall-mounted coat hooks, instead. The look can be tied together with some common decorating element, such as wallpaper.

If you happen to have a closet near your entry, you’re in luck. You can easily transform a closet into a simple mudroom with a few shelves and storage containers. If you want, you could remove the door from this closet, so its purpose is obvious to your guests.

4. The Mudroom/Laundry Room Combination

Mudroom with a laundry space

Some houses combine the mudroom with the laundry room. This logical choice usually means the room is larger than most mudrooms. While a multi-purpose room is tremendously useful, it also has twice the potential to be disorganized.

If you have a mudroom/laundry room combination in your house, you’ll need to create a clear separation between these functions. It’s easier if you can make this a physical distinction between the parts of the room related to laundry and the mudroom. Put your mudroom area on one side of the room and concentrate your laundry accessories near the machines.

Some laundry rooms have areas to hang clothing. If yours does, make sure this area remains distinct from the mudroom, so your coats and scarves don’t get mixed with your clean clothes. One way you can do this is by using some wall-mounted hooks or a hall tree in the mudroom part of the room.

5. Make Room for Your Pets

Mudroom with a dog guard

Another great feature you can add to your mudroom is a pet station. Some people like to put a pet bed in a quiet corner for their outdoor dog or cat. This is a great shelter to provide for your pet during inclement weather.

If your pet isn’t going to need this shelter every night, you can put the bed in a cubby beneath a shelf or under a bench in your mudroom, out of the way until it’s needed.

Like a good pet owner, you walk your dog every day. Where do you store your dog’s leash and harness?

The mudroom would be a great place for any of your dog walking accessories. If you have the space and budget, you could even build a dog washing station in your mudroom. It could be as simple as a standing shower with a handheld showerhead.

Armed with these mudroom ideas, you’ll create a space in your house that will work for your family.

Organize Your Mudroom on a Budget

Woman in a mudroom along with her dog

What if you’d like to update your mudroom, but you’re working with a limited budget?

No need to worry! You can make worthwhile improvements to your mudroom while sticking to a budget. We’ve researched several ways you can organize and spruce up your mudroom without spending too much cash.

Here are a few budget mudroom ideas:

  • Used Furniture: Thrift stores, furniture auctions, and school sales are greatplaces to find used furniture you can repurpose for your mudroom.
  • Raid Your Hardware Store: You’ll discover you can use almost anything to createuseful mudroom furniture and accessories. Everything from PVC pipe to wooden plants or garden trellises can be modified and used to build storage and hall trees for your mudroom.
  • Salvage Wooden Pallets: Recent trends show you can build anything from a daybed to a hall tree from wooden pallets. You can pick these up at grocery stores or from the junkyard. Some clever construction and a couple coats of paint, and no one will be able to tell where you got your mudroom furniture from.
Mudroom with white background with pillows on the side

These simple tips and tricks will help you take your mudroom from disheveled to organized and unique. You can create the perfect firstimpression for your house with a few modifications.

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