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How to Build a Mini Greenhouse Using Recycled Containers?

If you are someone who wants to become more green-minded, then having your own greenhouse would be a very wise investment. A greenhouse can make it much easier to start growing your fruit, vegetables, and plants. However, whether it comes to space or the cost of buying a greenhouse, you might not be ready to make such an investment. With that in mind, here are some useful ideas that you can use to build a mini greenhouse using only recycled containers that you find at home.

Building a Mini Greenhouse

So, to get started, you are going to need to look out for or invest in a couple of items that you will need for this particular greenhouse. 

a mini greenhouse built with recycled bottles
  1. You first need a plastic container – get as many as you think you will need. These will be used as the main part of your greenhouse. 
  2. You also need some plastic container covers – this could be something as simple as a lid for the bottle or something else you can use to keep the container covered up.
  3. Next, you need to invest in some seeds. This could be for anything you want to grow – fruit, vegetables, whatever. Pick some seeds up from your local garden center.
  4. Some people also get some little cups they can put inside the containers. Think about the bottom of an egg carton – something for individual storage.

If you get these four materials, you are well on building a useful mini greenhouse. If you are unsure what plastic container to use, you could simplify the process and use something like a plastic tray that was used for storing anything. So long as the tray can close over and stay shut. Some people, though, will use something like a plastic bottle – though this can be hard to fill up with the actual materials you need.

To be on the safe side, you could combine parts one and two and find a plastic container with a lid that closes over. This means that you need a plastic container, some seeds, and some little containers to keep each seed separate from one other – tiny plant pots, basically!

Guide to Getting Started

In creating this mini greenhouse, we need to consider the things that we need to prepare and the things that we need to do.

Preparing Your Container

The first thing that you need to do if you want to build your mini greenhouse is to prepare a plastic container. This should involve thoroughly washing and drying the container. Then, remove anything from the container that could get in the way of growing. This really should not take you very long to do – a simple washing and drying will be enough to get this stage over with. 

Be sure to be thorough. You do not want any water building up on the inside or anything like that. 

Preparing Your Seed Cups

If you are using the seed cups we recommend, you should start preparing these. To do that, you need to take the cups. Give them a clean-out. Once they are cleaned and dried, fill them to around ½ to ¾ of the way up with potting soil. 

If you just use one container and not individual cups, then fill the whole container to around ¾ of the way up with the same potting soil. This gives the plants a bed to sit in. This is essential to help make sure that anything you start growing actually comes through.

Get Your Seeds Planted

The next step is down to interpretation of the seeds that you have bought. Basically, look through the instructions on the back of the seed packet. What does it tell you to do? You will then need to follow those instructions.

It would help if you carefully plant them exactly as the box suggests. This means following the levels of depth etc. to put the seeds in.

Moisten The Seeds

Once the seeds are in place, you should give them a quick water down using a spray bottle of water. This will give them just enough moisture to kickstart the process but not enough where you need to worry about drowning them out. Once you have given the plants enough water – a light misting should be enough at first – then you need to close over the mini greenhouse.

Place the Mini Greenhouse where it is Best Suited

Depending on where you live and the weather you are dealing with, you can decide to place your mini greenhouse outside or inside. You should definitely look to have your mini greenhouse outside during mild weather. Also, at least during the day. Try and leave it in a place that allows for natural, consistent sunlight. 

If you are going to have to put your mini greenhouse inside for most of the time, find a place in your house that gets lots of sunlight. You might even need to leave it in a room. You can purposely open the windows. So, the mini greenhouse can get enough light from the sun.

Keep an Eye on Your Soil

Once the mini greenhouse is in place, you need to keep checking back to ensure that the soil is not drying out to excess. If the soil begins to dry out, then again, mist it so that it returns to being moist – not wet, moist. 

The ideal solution is to have the mini greenhouse inside at night and outside during the day. In the winter, though, this might not always be possible. So, you will need to do the best that you can with what kind of sunlight you can bring into your home internally.

plastic bottles used for planting plants

Using Your Mini Greenhouse 

At this stage, you are set to go!

This will leave you with an operational mini greenhouse. The seedlings will begin to emerge as they would in any other kind of greenhouse. The main challenge now is ensuring you catch the plants before they become too big for the mini greenhouse. When that happens, you can begin either propping open the lid to allow them space to grow. You can transport these seedlings into a different environment.

You only need to keep the mini greenhouse fully lidded during temperatures that are close to freezing. Once the danger of frosting leaves, you can put your seedlings into a container that is large enough for them. Now, you have a simple and easy way to get ahead of the game. So, your springtime plants will grow quickly and look fantastic earlier.

For a simple way to get a mini greenhouse at home without spending in excess. Use this simple DIY solution. Now, you have an easier way than ever to start planting, even when you are out of space for a full-sized greenhouse. Enjoy!

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