a picture of a field and a barn for homestead management

Homestead management can seem like a daunting task. Managing a household can be a wearisome task for many ladies. It’s a lot of work! Many of us homemakers have compounded the problem with the additional responsibilities of homeschooling and homesteading. It takes a certain personality for these things to come effortlessly and I’m not one of them! But if we’ve been given these things, then it’s our calling to manage them to the best of our abilities. Note, I said “manage,” not do it all ourselves.  We are “despots” of our home, not slaves to it and its other members.

Homestead management should not be done alone

I’ve had ladies ask me over the years how I “do it all.” You need to clear the image of me doing it all from your mind and replace it with a picture of me standing around, usually with a baby on my hip, pointing with the other hand, directing my family (including my husband) to the tasks that need to be done. Ok, let’s not go that far either. The truth is more somewhere in between. I do pull my weight around here.

With 8 children, I MUST have our days in order so that things can run effectively and efficiently. When chaotic kids outnumber the adults 4 to 1, if we aren’t on our game, we’re going to spend every day scrambling to keep up. Over the years I’ve shared some of the tips and tricks I have used to achieve that and am compiling them here for you to glean.

I don’t claim to have any answers or a flawless system or schedule. I’m simply sharing what has worked for our family and hope that you might pick up an idea here or there that may work in your home (-stead; -school) as well!

If you find this to be helpful to you, please consider purchasing this year’s copy of our Homestead Management Printables to help you organize your garden and farm!

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