Large Black Hogs in a pasture

Homestead Hog Butchering: Leg Quarter

One Year Ago: ~Week 43~

The most recent addition to the Homestead Hog Butchering page has been made.

It was the most difficult one to piece together and therefore I saved it for last of the actual butchering of the hog. (All that remains is preparing casings and lard making.) In this video I stepped outside of my comfort zone and personally demonstrated how to remove the trotter, hock and then make the ham (pork roast, whatever) semi-boneless and then boneless by removing first the aitch bone and then the femur. My videographer must have been bored with it all and was easily distracted/distracting. It made for either a 30 min+ long demonstration or a lot of editing. I chose the latter. I must be more chatty than the boys were so there is a lot less text and a lot more verbal instruction.

So if you want to see me debone a pork leg, then head over to the Homestead Hog Butchering page and scroll down through the embedded videos until you come to the one labeled “Leg Quarter.”

Want to know more about DIY hog butchering  on  the homestead? Click HERE for all of my favorite resources, including our own video demonstrations!

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