Gleanings from november wheat stalks in field

Gleanings from November

From off the Pin boards & around the web.
I like highlighting what I’ve found, but it’s been a while so there are lots of goodies today, so I won’t waste your time blabbing on.

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Guide to Sprouting Seeds – An intriguing way to get your greens in the winter. I really want to try this!

Homestead Blessings Hints: Putting Your Chickens to Work Making Compost

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

All About Wraps

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Did you eat your kale today?

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Rabbit Hutch Worm Farm

Permaculture Potager Garden in France. Quit reading now and go peruse this Photostream!! Tres belle!

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

How To Landscape Your Chicken Coop

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Garlic Planting Guide

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

The Intelligent Gardener by Steve Solomon (Growing When It Counts is among my favorite gardening books so I’m really looking forward to reading this one.)

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Love this idea for an herb drying rack

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

How To Season a Cast Iron Pan based on Science… mines desperately needing seasoned- trying this out.

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Homemade Disinfectants

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Purify your winter air with beeswax candles

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

My favorite part of homeschooling

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Canning without refined sugar or pectin

The Healing Effects of High Density Grazing on Land, Livestock & People’s Lives

Gleanings from November on the Farmstead

Because free-ranging isn’t always an option.
I also just read about a neat idea where there are basically 4 runs surrounding the coop so you can rotate your chicken through those areas giving the old ones time to rejuvenate. I like the idea of sowing something other than grass to peck at and trample.

What the purpose of “me-time” should be…
Mother Culture: What it Is and What it Is Not

I’ve seen the phrase ‘Mother Culture’ used quite often in CM circles. I’ve read that Charlotte Mason used this term as a means of encouraging mothers to refill themselves by enjoying life more. “Do something for yourself.” “Get a pedicure.” “Go shopping with your girlfriends.” I’ve also read that Karen Andreola, author of A Charlotte Mason Companion, invented the phrase. When I began to notice conflicting accounts of the origin of this phrase, I decided to research it further.

No wonder I gravitate to the garden when I’m grumpy…
Why Gardening Makes You Happy and Cures Depression

In recent years I’ve come across two completely independent bits of research that identified key environmental triggers for two important chemicals that boost our immune system and keep us happy – serotonin and dopamine. What fascinated me as a permaculturist and gardener were that the environmental triggers happen in the garden when you handle the soil and harvest your crops.

Because we should be students of our livestock…
The Basics of Cattle Grazing

Determining the size of paddocks for you cattle can be tricky if you are just starting out. Everyone’s farm is different, and we have extreme temperature variations in the United States. To simplify all of this, you can use two methods of observation to determine if your cattle are being limited (too little grass) or given too much grass. These two methods are:
Gut Fill
Observing Manure Quality and Texture

A list of 10 ways to learn from the Amish. This is on my book list
Almost Amish

I discovered some Amish principles that we can all try to emulate. These principles (similar to the list that Wendell Berry laid out more than two decades ago in Home Economics) provide guidelines for a simpler, slower, more sustainable life. They offer me hope.

Encouragement when we’re being fed the lie that we shouldn’t shelter our children…
Overprotective? It’s Not a Bad Thing

God wants you to be an overprotective parent! Your children, by God’s design, need an overprotector, a parent who will stand over them to protect them–to guard their innocence and purity, to prevent spiritual wounds and sinful footholds, and teach discernment and sensitivity to sin. In God’s design for families, overprotecting your children is a good thing.

An excellent new-to-me older article…
The Biblical Basis for Christian Agrarianism

There never has been a church council or synod that declared the Bible to be an agrarian book. But that was never necessary, because before the industrial revolution, society was founded on agrarian principles. Since the beginning of time, most people were engaged in some way in the cultivation of the soil. No one doubted that this was proper and natural, so there was little reason to discuss it. But now we have only two percent of the population engaged in agriculture, an all-time low. The family farm is disappearing.

Encouragement after pondering my writing future…
How To Live, Blog, Write

The Christian needs another Christian who speaks God’s Word to him. She needs her again and again when she becomes uncertain – and this is the power of blogging in the upside down kingdom. This is the holy work of a blog, so don’t every feel shy or ashamed or embarrassed that you blog. Because the body of Christ needs to speak to itself and it needs to speak to the world and this is the beautiful , poy of a blog. I get discouraged and I become uncertain and I fall down and His word through your words is the connective tissue in the body of Christ and we need each other. Please. Keep. Writing.

More Important Than Voting in the Election

“I took my family to vote today, and we cast our votes for biblically qualified candidates. I will now perform an infinitely more important duty: to gather my family around the dinner table, to feed their bodies with a meal prepared by my beloved bride, and to feed their souls with the Bread of Life and the Living Water – the Word of God read in our family worship time. I am convinced that this simple daily routine will do far more (beyond comparison) to change (for the good and the glory of God) our family, community, region, state, and nation, than voting for civil magistrates ever could.” -Jason Matyas

Been pinning or reading anything good lately you want to share?

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