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Gleanings from May

Lots of gardening stuff this month, but I think it’s safe to say that’s what most of us homesteader’s have on the brain this time of year. I’m trying the new embedded code from Pinterest this time instead of downloading and uploading every photo and then linking individually to each one. Please let me know if it doesn’t work out for you!

Hope you all find something useful and educational here!

I know all too well how vital having a good dusting spot is for your chickens unless you want them to trash your flower beds!

They have less than a month left and still half-way to go. Would you consider helping this family out?
Lil’ Tait Preemie Fund Coming To Completion

Tait and Lauren now have the opportunity in the next 60 days or so, to be free and clear as negotiations have produced the opportunity to pay down $100,000 in the next 90 days, 30 of which have passed already. Their fund-raising efforts have produced $41,000 and they are very encouraged that they will meet their goals. Will you help? Here is your opportunity to join me in contributing to supporting our convictions about life. Pass the fundraiser around, stay tuned and watch for give-aways and donate. God bless you and thank you for your support.

Industrialization and Marriage

By contrast, at the time of the industrial revolution the locus of economic activity was outsourced away from where people lived. Central power sources like water and steam increasingly drew people to work locations away from the home. But that was just the beginning, as more and more activities that were once performed in the home were gradually outsourced. Gardens shriveled and disappeared as growing was outsourced. Eventually even schooling was industrialized, taken away from the home and from apprenticeship relationships. What began to emerge was a division between the home, on the one hand, and people’s lived experiencing in the world, on the other.

The Family Economy in Crisis

But what happens to a society where the nuclear family is in the minority, and dysfunctionality is the norm? Dysfunctionality gives rise to more dysfunctionality. The law of sowing and reaping is inevitable; we reap more than we sow—and absent a fundamental change of course, the unsavory harvest of broken families will only get worse over time. Without the radical reintegration of the family economy and family education, we will fail to salvage civilization.

How Will Your Kids be Prepared For the Real World (Unless They Go To School There?)

Stop: who got us to think upside down? Essentially, what this means is, we feel like the best way to prepare our children for the real world is to take them out of the real world, put them in an unrealistic world all day for twelve years, try to simulate the real world, and then tell everyone this is the only way to prepare them for the real world. It’s hilarious just writing that out!

One in a series of interesting permaculture videos. I thought this one was quite interesting- as well as the property checklist video. It was amazing to see how we should be looking at these things, but often don’t.
5 Acre Abundance on a Budget


But, why do we do all of this integration? It really is a lot of work to get there. Yes, there is much joy and grace from the Lord towards our family in doing it. We really like being together. When I consider the thought of them going off to a school, public or private, I get teary-eyed thinking of them being away from me and each other all day. I can’t stand the idea of someone else getting their best all day. But, is there more to it than that?
Then it hit me. The opposite of integration is disintegration.

A very basic guide to get you started on your search for the dairy cow breed that will best fit your needs.
Choosing a Dairy Cow: Breeds

Roundup: Quick Death for Weeds, Slow and Painful Death for You

Humans exposed to glyphosate through use of Roundup in their community or through ingestion of its residues on industrialized food products become even more vulnerable to the damaging effects of other chemicals and environmental toxins they encounter!
What’s worse is that the negative impact of glyphosate exposure is slow and insidious over months and years as inflammation gradually gains a foothold in the cellular systems of the body.

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