Gleanings From February

Gleanings from February

Gleanings From February

Gleanings is my monthly “link love” post where I share some of the interesting articles I’ve come across the past month.

Agrarianism: Forward or Backward Thinking?

There was a comment made during my radio interview with Scott Terry which struck a chord with a lot of listeners. In fact I’m guessing quite a few homesteaders have heard it in one form or another too. It is the idea that agrarianism necessitates the abandonment of all technology, of all things modern. Many a homesteader has been accused of being a hypocrite for using cell phones, power tools, and the internet.

GMO Labeling: New Lies From the Chemical Companies Bringing You “Food”

As we have been expecting, a coalition comprised of industrial food, Big Ag and chemical corporations made an announcement supporting a federal voluntary GMO labeling initiative. This “initiative” only accomplishes more of the pro-GMO corporations’ goal of keeping everyone in the dark.

They have given themselves the lofty, nausea-inducing and typically misleading, title “Coalition for Safe Affordable Food.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, here are a few of the untruths found on their website:

Food as Ministry

We’ve all got at least one thing in common — we all need to eat. When someone we know is experiencing a difficult time, whether it is illness, birth, death, or relocation, we can meet their needs with the one thing we all must have. Food!

Delivering a ready-to-eat meal on someone’s doorstep during a difficult time shows unselfishness, unity, grace, and generosity. You took time out of your busy schedule to lovingly prepare a meal, take it to their home, and share in their sufferings. Isn’t that what believers in Jesus are called to do anyway? In the words of Galatians 6:2, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

•Why is it Acceptable for the Church to Change Historical Doctrines Such as Condoning Birth Control?

Because the church can err. The church is the Bride of Christ. He has promised to be with us. He sent His Spirit to guide us, gave His perfect Word to direct us. He is about the business of removing from us every blot and blemish. But that must needs remind us that we have blots and blemishes, that we can and do err.

AW Pink on the Household and Glorifying God

Corporationism vs Independent Patriarchal Units

The combination of farming, families, failed social schemes, the corporate takeover of all areas of life and culture (including government), and the impossibility of a continuing democracy, in one paragraph, is a lot to consider. Are these things all connected?

Well, they surely are connected, and Bailey’s understanding of the importance of independent families (“separate patriarchal units”), living on the land, as a bulwark of freedom, makes this man one of the most prescient social commentators of his time.


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