Gleanings from January

Gleanings from December & January

Gleanings from January

Because I missed December’s Gleanings post, this one is jam-packed full of goodies so I’m going to get right down to business. In no particular order, here are December and January’s most popular pins from my pinboards. That means these were your favorites and if you’re not already, you can see them all by following Reformation Acres Pinterest page.

Reformation Acres’s pin on Pinterest.

And before I move on to the articles that caught my attention the past couple of months, let me bring to your attention a couple  resources:•The Gardening Notebook is on sale until February 10th, 2014 for 30% off! Read my review HERE. Or click HERE to get your copy! (Use code “SPRING2014” at checkout.)

•FREE ebook-
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Home Vegetable Gardening —a Complete and Practical Guide to the…
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The best single volume, practical manual of family-feeding, high-yield home gardening ever compiled,

• Remember the Tales From the Green Vally, Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, and Wartime Farm? Well Ruth & Peter are all laced up (literally) and showing what life was like on a Tudor Monastery Farm. We LOVE these videos- they are so educational and give us all sorts of ideas for our homestead. After watching the first episode my latest obsession is coppicing.

Ok, now the articles: Never Stock Rocking

Helping your baby to trust – that she is safe in your care – can be a powerful influence on her overall disposition, sense of optimism, and outlook on life. I can imagine that in those early weeks with a newborn, this talk of bonding may seem a bit abstract as you are doing all you know to do, but rest assured that this time together will not only grow your child’s trust in you, but also encourage you in your motherly instincts.

Grow Your Own Food First

First of all, the farm must furnish food for our own table – not in a roundabout way, mind you, but directly.

Homestead Burnout: What it is and how to avoid it

Homestead burnout doesn’t always happen right away when a family moves to a new homestead. In fact, it’s more commonly seen after a few years of homestead living and mounting disappointments.

Small Farm Egg-onomics

Josh shares the facts and figures of raising pasture-raised, free-range, organic-fed hen eggs. It’s math that can really help you understand your inputs and what you should be charging for that dozen of eggs you collect from your chickens.

•I’m thinking it’s time we stop asking if home births are safe and turn the tables and question whether the hospital is the safest place to have a baby.

More American Women Dying During Hospital Births While Home Birth Becomes Safer

Are Vaccines Safe (Part One)

If you look at some of these chemicals individually, they are labelled as hazardous, toxic, and cancer-causing. Can we possibly think that these ingredients are safe just because they are packaged in a vaccination shot?

The medical community says that there is no evidence that these ingredients are harmful in small amounts.

I say that these ingredients are very toxic and can change your health forever.

But this is a question you must decide for yourself. I am not here to tell you what is best for you.

•So You’re Having a Baby!

It’s been confirmed! How exciting! This is the most wonderful experience that can ever happen to you. Check out what God says about you and your baby.

Moms Be Encouraged

I’m trying to hard to be what the kids need me to be. I vacillate between doing fine and freaking out – like any Mom I am sure. During the freak out moments the self doubt kicks in. What am I doing wrong? Are my kids getting a proper education with all the time I spend with the baby? How long should I let her SCREAM? Even now, after a 45 minute soothing, nursing, calming down session I’ve been at the computer (IE: away from her) for ten minutes and she is screaming.

The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide from Thank Your Body

10 Ultimate Fall Soup Recipes

The Great Home Dairy Round Up: 20 Posts to Get You Milking

A collection of wild game recipes 

Small Acreage Homesteading podcast from Christian Farm and Homestead Radio

•Canning Forum from New Life on a Homestead

God cares a lot more what’s in your heart than what’s in your fridge

Cheesemaking: The Very Basics

Phew! That was a ton of information! Take your time sifting through it all. And hopefully next month won’t be so overwhelming! 

So tell me, have you read anything interesting around the web lately? 

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  1. The quotation by Laura Ingalls Wilder is really encouraging to me, as a housewife. Thank you so much for the positivity!