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Gleanings From April

My favorites and yours from off the Pinboards and around the web…

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

A little potager inspiration for your front yard… not for mine. I’d have to cut down all the trees first. And at this point I’d rather starve than lose even that small buffer from the road noise. (Not to mention privacy!) This is so much more beautiful than a lawn though!

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

How Much Should You Plant In Your Garden To Provide A Year’s Worth of Food?

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

DIY Coconut Oil Tooth Scrub

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Home Mixed Chicken Feed

(It looks good enough for us to eat! Might that be a good indicator of what to feed a chicken?)

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Nourishing Foods For Labor & Childbirth

(Lots of different ideas… including dark chocolate!)

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Homemade Tomato Sauce With Beef Bones

Sneaking extra nutrition into tomato sauce. Clever.

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

From consecutive months of pantry envy to successive months of wood stove love.

Odd Bits: How To Cook the Rest of the Animal

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Growing Squash Vertically

Worth a try for those of us whose growing space is horizontally challenged.

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Nourishing Mounds or Almond Joy Candy Bars

I had issues making them where the coconut oil separated from the other ingredients, but they were so tasty anyway! And if you’re shooting for a one tablespoon serving of coconut oil per day then you only need to eat half a disk to achieve it! Everyone here loves them and was begging for more. I’m clearly going to have to start stocking up on coconut oil.

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Homemade Oats & Honey Granola Bars

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

The Organic Orchard

If you’re at all interested in growing a holistic orchard, here’s a great (free) resource to get you started. Lots of similar information that you’ll find in The Holistic Orchard, which I highly recommend.

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Edible Beauty

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Benefits of Wood Ash in the Garden

I’m not surprised. Ash sure did wonders for our grain patch.

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

19 Edible Plants

A surprising number grow right in our backyard!

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Mason bees for raspberry pollination

Gleanings from April on Farmstead

Trellising Space-Saving Pole Beans for Beauty

From Puritan Richard Baxter-
The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives Towards Each Other

Lastly, Help each other by an exemplary life. Be yourself, what you desire your husband or wife should be; excel in meekness, and humility, and charity, and dutifulness, and diligence, and self­denial, and patience

I used this site to create a “recipe” that allowed me to get an email every time a treadle sewing machine was posted to craigslist. I passed quite a few up and was able to get a really beautiful one. I have other recipes searching for various breeds of feeder pigs, spoiled hay for mulching, and more. This could be a huge time-saver so you don’t have to perpetually check for new listings. I must warn you though that certain language can return some filthy spam listings, so proceed with caution.
IFTTT- If This Then That

I’m really quite excited about this…
The Rebuilding of Western Civilation Just Got a Whole Lot easier, Faster, Cheaper, and Better- and Therefore More Likely to Happen SOONER Rather Than Later!

This will, if it is successful, spur an ongoing cultural and social reconfiguration of every institution in society — a total transformation of civil, political, ecclesiastical and family life as we know it — the likes of which none of us has ever seen before.

Are you ready for a restoration of liberty, constitutional government, free enterprise/free-market (“Austrian”) economics, a “non-humanist” renaissance in literature, learning, the arts and sciences, a peaceful, well-informed rolling back of tyranny, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and their attendant evils?

And, if all goes well, given enough time, eventually, who knows, maybe even a restoration and flourishing of a true and vibrant biblical Christendom around the world?

The Truth About Big Families

I know families of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and a few with an even dozen. Whenever there is a movie about big families you always see children hanging from fans, piles of horrible food and a mum on the edge of a breakdown. Perhaps that’s why the general public feel they can be so rude to those with a brood. I come from a family of six and my Mum was often asked by strangers: “Why didn’t you buy a television?”, “How do you remember their names?” , or just told “You poor thing!”
So I thought I would share a few home truths – here are ten things I know about big families.

Encyclopedia of Country Living- A free download!!

Reviewing his latest book, The Intelligent Gardener (next in the pile), Steve Solomon shares his years of wisdom and talks about why he no longer recommends Gardening When It Counts.    The Ruminant Podcast with Steve Solomon

This looks like it could be a valuable resource to help me get that sewing machine in proper working order again.

The Sewing Machine Shop

The pages available here will provide the information you need to select, restore and use treadle and hand crank machines.

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