Gleanings from April wheat kernels

Gleanings From April


Has a another month really passed us by already? I can’t believe it’s time for another Gleanings post! I’m hardly going to complain for the quicker the days fly by, the sooner warm weather will be upon us! We’ve had a taste of warmer weather here, but just a taste. I was surprised to find the Purple Martins & Tree Swallows arrived yesterday ahead of a front that came through in the evening and brought us our first bolts of lightening and thunder claps of the season. It feels like we haven’t had enough warmth yet to bring these signs of spring, but it sure is encouraging to see them!

Before we start gleaning, let me tell new readers what this post is all about… basically it’s my monthly “link love” post where I share some of the interesting articles I’ve come across the past month.

I posted this link on Facebook to a message written by Joel Salatin on his Polyface Farm page. It was a shocking and eye-opening look inside today’s current food system and why he’s not feeling very optimistic about the current state of things.
Polyface Farm: A note from Joel

I was asked by a “Washington Post” writer a couple of days ago about whether the
interest in Polyface type food would increase or decrease in coming months/years.
The one thing I refuse to do is prophecy, so I have no idea if things will get better.
But I do know things are getting worse in the industrial food sector, and it is absolutely
clueless. My hope is that more people will jump off that ship. A couple of recent things
came across my desk that illustrate the continued degeneration of orthodox food.

Over the years I’ve had lots of questions about clothing choices and the Christian woman (probably more questions on that topic than any other, go figure!) as many of you can’t figure out how to integrate skirts into farm & garden chores and wonder if/how I do it. I appreciated this article (and the others in the series very much) and thought you might too if you struggle with this question.
Is it a Sin For Women To Wear Pants?

Loyal Opposition

If there ever was a topic that needs sound clarification and exposition, the submission of a wife to her husband certainly qualifies. Too much of the teaching from pulpits and expositors is not grounded on the law of God, and fails to take certain Biblical accounts at face value. As in every era, many of the attitudes and conclusions are a reaction to something prevalent in the culture rather than a true application of what the Scripture states.

Why you should use them, saving money on essential oils; protecting your investment; essential oils for your business, home, and farm; ensuring quality; defining terms; preserving essential oils~
Your Essential Oils Guide

Why Vaccine Mandates Are Dangerous to Democracy

Right now we are in the midst of a national feud about whether the government should mandate vaccinations for both adults and children. The main issue appears on the surface to be about whether vaccinations are safe, or whether in some cases they are harmful.
But there is a deeper issue that is much more important: Who should make medical decisions for you and your children? The government? Or you as individuals and parents?
The precedent we are setting should chill you to your bones. Here’s why…


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