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5 Fire Pit Ideas We Are Obsessing Over

Are you looking to build your own fire pit in your front yard? Having a fire pit is a fantastic social center point.

For most of human history, we have been gathering around the fire, forming cohesive social bonds.

It is not something we think of too often, but humanity’s use of fire served as the foundational bedrock of human evolution.

Knowing how important gathering around a wonderful, toasty fire is, it is of no surprise that we still love to carry on the tradition to this day.

So, what are some fantastic fire pit ideas that are scattered across the internet and which ones are we most in love with?

What Makes a Good Fire Pit

First things first, we are going to tackle the essential components to a great fire pit.

You need to have a good supply of quality stone.

Stone or brick serves as the foundational building block for any good fire pit.

Whether or not you are laying it yourself of using a professional crew, choosing the right stone is crucial.

This will be what everybody sees during the day while the fire isn’t roaring, so making sure it looks good during the day is important.

Other than stone, the size of the pit, how many people you want to fit, and what view you want is all an integral part of the process.

If you don’t have time, room or money to build your own stone firepit, we are also going to include a few options that can be constructed on your back patio.

Without further ado, here are 5 of our favorite fire pit ideas.

1. Rusted Brazier Pedestal

This is one of the fire pit ideas that are perfect for any household. You can use this on a wooden patio, on a stone patio, or on the ground itself surrounded by a few comfortable chairs.

It is a rusted brazier. You can get the pedestal itself from Cox & Cox for about 100 dollars.

This is a far cheaper, and more convenient fire pit installment than a full-fledged stone fire pit.

Pits of this design are beautiful, too. They can capture the attention of any guests, whether or not there is a fire lit in the center.

They are large enough to hold a decent sized fire, keeping your guests warm and comfortable.

This is one of our favorites for its versatility, affordability, and its appearance.

2. Wide Fire Bowl

Another option for those not looking to build an entire pit is a wide and shallow fire bowl.

This is essentially a wide shallow bowl of any color you desire. This is then on top of a small stand that keeps it about 6 to 12 inches off of the ground.

This provides a larger space for larger fires. This can also be used pretty much anywhere.

The larger, more shallow construction of this model makes it seem more like an actual fire pit as well.

Another great fire pit idea for those looking to save some money.

3. Permanent Stone Fire Pit

Let’s say you are looking to spend a little money and time on landscaping your own fire pit.

Unless you have some professional experience with stone landscaping, it is highly suggested that you hire your own crew to do this for you.

One of our favorite fire pit ideas is to blend a permanent stone pit into a terraced garden.

There are a few of these on the internet, but none is more beautiful than this one.

It combines beautiful basalt boulders to create a garden walkway, stairs to follow the terracing, and an overall wonderful oasis.

There are also water features that are woven into the terrace, creating a wonderful, isolated, protected feeling, all wrapped up in an incredibly aesthetically appealing garden.

If you wanted to make this a practical, edible garden, that is possible as well. Putting edible vegetables in each of the planting areas will also give you the look and feel of a protected garden.

4. A Fire Pit with a View

This is one of our favorites with a view. Set on the front yard of a beautiful California home, it overlooks the ocean and the coastline.

It is an absolutely beautiful fire pit.

While the design itself is simple, it sets off a special area to sit and enjoy a phenomenal view, all while staying warm by the fire.

You can watch the setting sun begin its descent over the ocean, and enjoy some good drinks and conversation with friends.

This is a perfect example of taking something simple and making it grand just by placing it in the perfect locale.

5. Permanent Fire Pit as a Focal Point

This fire pit idea utilizes a table top to add an extra hint of comfort and convenience.

This fire pit in particular apparently had 8 different contractors working together to create the perfect design.

The table top isn’t wood. This in and of itself would create a very liable safety hazard. The table top is made of beautiful shiny copper.

The copper reflects the fire, adding to the allure. What is really neat is the fact that the copper, despite being an avid conductor, actually stays cool to the touch, making it a safe addition to any household with children.

The fire itself is powered by a combination of both gas and electric.

The electric part of the pit powers the on and off switch for the gas. It also powers the lights, which are installed underneath the lip of the copper table top surface.

The lights underneath the table top are one of our favorite features. It puts more focus and attention on the fire pit, making it the ultimate focal point fire pit idea.

If you are thinking of installing a fire pit to create a focal point, this design is most definitely our favorite.

6. Another Fire Pit with a View

This is another prime example of a fire pit taking advantage of a view.

If you live in the northern reaches of our country, you know that having a fire pit can be a wonderful, year-round social focal point.

Install a fire pit on your lakeside cabin, however, and you have a double win.

This is a fire pit installed on a Minnesota lakefront.

Its position is phenomenal, overlooking the lake and corresponding shoreline.

Like the California fire pit idea, this one is relatively simple in design. It uses attractive stone to create a small circular fire pit that uses wood to burn.

There is no gas or electric hook up.

With a few chairs around a small stone firepit, you have a simple project completed by the view it takes advantage of.

Why We Love Fire Pits

There is nothing like getting together with loved ones around a fire. You can make smores, have a few drinks, and converse comfortably around a soothing fire.

There is a reason we have been gathering around a fire for hundreds of generations.

Whether you have a substantial amount of disposable income or not, making your own fire pit is possible.

They don’t always have to be permanent installments that cost thousands of dollars and a professional crew.

You can invest in a wide, shallow fire bowl or a copper brazier. These achieve the same effects by acting as a focal point and creating a safe space for wood to burn.

We hope you liked our collection of fire pit ideas as much as we do. Finding the perfect one for your budget, design ideas, and aesthetic is possible no matter how much or how little you want to invest.

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