A Compilation Of Zucchini Recipes

‘Tis the season when gardens are burgeoning with zucchini! Harvesters are finding themselves wondering what zucchini recipes to use with their prolific crop and are often sharing their abundance with anyone willing to take them.

In addition to giving them away, I have in the past processed them for freezing. A year later, I reluctantly threw every single bag away. I hadn’t been too excited about finding uses for frozen zucchini at the time (outside of adding it to pasta or a bread or muffin recipe) and eventually forgot all about them.

A collection of tested zucchini recipes including main dishes, side dishes, breads, breakfast, desserts, and ways to preserve zucchini.

I’m excited about my zucchini crop this year too because last year my zucchini plants produced pumpkins which just doesn’t taste the same (or produce as abundantly!) I’m determined to make as much use of the harvest as I can and have been scouring the internet for zucchini recipes.

With over 100 zucchini recipes to choose from, now there is no excuse to get in a rut! I’m sure you’ll find many new favorite recipes in the collection of zucchini recipes I’ve compiled!

100+ Scratch Zucchini Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Preservation

100+ Zucchini Recipes

Main Dish Zucchini Recipes

Stuffed Zucchini With Ham & Mushrooms
Spaghetti with Peas and Zucchini Ribbons
Stuffed Zucchini with Turkey Sausage
Chicken Zucchini Bake
Cheeseburger Zucchini Boats
Corn and Zucchini Chowder
Bruschetta Chicken with Zucchini Noodles
Lentil Stuffed Zucchini
Meat Lovers Zucchini Lasagna
Greek Zucchini Bake
Shredded Zucchini and Beef Tacos
Garden Fresh Zucchini Lasagna
Sheet Pan Ratatouille
Zucchini, Carrot, and Black Bean Quesadillas
Chicken and Roasted Harvest Vegetables
One Pan Lemon Herb Salmon and Zucchini
Cheesy Meatball Zucchini Skillet
Chicken and Zucchini Noodle Casserole
One Pan Garlic, Parmesan, Chicken, and Zucchini
Chickpea and Zucchini Veggie Burgers
Late Summer Vegetables Soup
Veggie Enchiladas
Parmesan Quinoa with Zucchini Yellow Squash and Carrots
Penne with Prosciutto, Tomatoes, and Zucchini
Zucchini and Ricotta Pie
One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta
Charred Corn and Zucchini Enchilada Pasta Salad
Zucchini Chorizo Butter Stew
Zucchini Mac & Cheese
Quinoa & Zucchini Stuffed Peppers
Tomato Zucchini Tart
Zucchini, Sweet Corn, and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza
Grilled Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini and Corn
Zucchini Carpaccio
Grilled Zucchini Gyros

Chicken Cutlets Zucchini Roll Ups

100+ Scratch Zucchini Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Preservation

Side Dish Zucchini Recipes

Zucchini and Potato Bake
Zucchini and Yellow Squash Gratin
Zucchini Noodles with Lemon Caper Butter
Zucchini Potato Patties
Nettle Basil Pesto Zucchini Noodles
Garlic Zucchini Fries
Zucchini Fritters
Corn, Zucchini, and Blue Crab Fritters
Zucchini Garlic Bites
Oven Zucchini with Garlic Aioli
Zucchini Corn Salad
Sweet Corn Zucchini Fritters
Grilled Summer Salad
Stuffed Zucchini Cups
Fried Zucchini Strings
Cheesy Zucchini Rice
Zucchini Coleslaw
Parmesan Baked Zucchini Spears
Stir Fry Zucchini Noodles
Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds
Chicken and Zucchini Poppers

100+ Scratch Zucchini Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Preservation

Bread & Breakfast Zucchini Recipes

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins with Buckwheat Streusel Topping
Sourdough Zucchini Muffins
Zucchini Buttermilk Pancakes (Add 2 cups of shredded zucchini, squeezed to drain the liquid)
Cornmeal Zucchini Pancakes
Zucchini Cornbread with Hot Peppers and Cheese
Zucchini Oatmeal Waffles
Carrot Zucchini Muffins
Zucchini Pizza Crust
Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Peach Streusel Muffins
Zucchini Breadsticks
Zucchini Banana Bread French Toast
Zucchini Lemon Poppyseed Bread
Zucchini Bread Coffee Cake
Zucchini and Egg Breakfast Burritos
Zucchini Bread Oatmeal
Chocolate Pistachio Zucchini Donut
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Oatmeal Bars
Zucchini Breakfast Boats
Salt & Vinegar Zucchini Chips
Bacon Squash Quiche
Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole
Farmhouse Casserole

Dessert Zucchini Recipes

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Chickpea Zucchini Brownies
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Gummy Zucchini Candy
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Oat Balls

100+ Scratch Zucchini Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Preservation

Preserving for Later Use in Zucchini Recipes

Freezing Zucchini
Charred Sweet Corn and Zucchini Relish
Pickle Relish Sweetened with Honey
Zucchini Fridge Pickles
Zucchini Pickle Relish
Zucchini Butter Pickles
Dehydrating Zucchini
3 Ways to Dry Zucchini
Lemon Ginger Zucchini Marmalade
How to Can Zucchini
Zucchini Salsa
Habanero Mango Zucchini Salsa
Zucchini Butter
Sriracha Pickled Eggplant & Zucchini
Lacto-Fermented Curried Squash and Zucchini
Zucchini Salsa Verde
Zucchini Planks

I’m always looking for new zucchini recipes. How are you preparing zucchini for your family this summer? If you happen to have a great recipe or even a tasty zucchini link up your sleeve, do share!

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  1. Thanks for the link Jen! Those look delicious, we’ll have to give them a try.

  2. The Zucchini recipes all look really good. We have been eating Zucchini at our house for at least 7 weeks now and I still have a big pile that I need to use or freeze.

  3. What a great round-up of zucchini options! I can’t wait to try some of these–the strings look interesting, the grill, the pizza…the pancakes, especially, are intriguing!

  4. These really sound good. It was nice of you to compile, test and photograph these recipes for us. I hope you are having a great day.

  5. These sound so good. I will definitely be giving them a try. Come on over to Crock Pot Wednesdays and check it out. diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com

  6. With so much zucchini, wondering what to do with it ?? This answers my question, thanks for sharing this great list !

  7. No Shannon, I haven’t started schooling officially yet. I just received the last of my books yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I might have to postpone the official start a few weeks anyway. It has been unseasonably cold this summer and my tomato plants are way behind. Add to that ALL of my transplants lived (which I didn’t expect them to do) giving me either 14 or 16 plants, I can’t remember right now which, and you have a recipe for a lot of canning! They aren’t getting any new blossoms so I wonder if it will be just one great harvest and then a few stragglers or not. So it all depends. I guess we’ll be having a more traditional farmer’s school year from ages past. I know! We’ll call it a Little House on the Prairie unit study- that works perfect, we’re reading Plum Creek 😀

  8. I admit I wasn’t thinking these would sound too good, but some of these look pretty yummy. Makes a girl think outside the box and that is so good because we all get in a rut sometimes without realizing it. Thanks! And how is scholling going this year? Have you started?

  9. I have to admit, the fried zucchini strings look awesome. The other recipes are good too!