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Au Naturale

So the big conversation around here this week has been what to do about Maybelle.

It turns out that she is not pregnant. Ever seen a cow take a pregnancy test? It’s not pretty. I’m very thankful that we ladies just have to collect samples and dip a stick in it. Poor gal had to have the vet stick his entire arm up her backside and feel around for a calf that wasn’t even there. Which means she’ll have to do it all over again next month. TMI? You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for. I’m new to all of this, so I’m sharing what I learn. Last year it was that broccoli grow flowers, this year it’s about pregnancy tests for cows. Hopefully, next year it will be something cuter. Maybe fluffy or something that smells good.

We’ve basically three options.

1.) AI- I like this option. Cash goes out in smaller increments. You have a larger selection of bulls to choose from and can really steer the genetics towards a beautiful milking line for if the calf is a heifer. It’s less work for us. And the folks who drive by on our busy road don’t get a show. She’s had ai three times before and only taken once, so the odds aren’t terrific and if it would take more than once we have to pay the ai folks for storage of the “straws” as they are apparently called.

2.) Hire a bull- We’ve been in contact with the only local Dexter guy who focuses on the dairy aspect of his herd and he said that we can drop Maybelle off for a month for free! Can’t beat that now, can you? Except we just are getting on a roll with this whole milk thing and we’d really hate to dry her up so quickly.

3.) Buy a bull- I can’t even believe I just typed it, let alone contemplated it! The fact of the matter is that Maybelle’s old beau is the most handsome Dexter bull I’ve seen. Well technically, he’s the only one I’ve ever seen in real life, but he has most of the other fellows on the internet beat. He has tested negative for the two major genetic issues that Dexters face. But hasn’t been tested for A2 and he hasn’t sold yet. From a logical standpoint, when we’re done with him we could either stick him in the freezer for up to 800 pounds of beef (if you take the owners figure for his weight, which I don’t trust) or we could sell him. He’s a steal coming in at $500 which would mean grass-fed (or at least finished) beef for less than a dollar a pound! If he was sold, we would do so for the low side of the going rate for Dexters in our area and still turn a profit.

two cows in a field grazing under a tree.

Option number three is definitely the most logical, gives us the most bang for our buck. It’s just that the thought of a bull here makes my blood run cold. All of the worst case scenarios are being magnified in my mind. I picture my husband being gored while trying to bring in the cow for milking and I’m left alone (widowed) and having to shoot the bull to save my family. And I don’t even know how to shoot a rifle- shotgun- whatever. See? I’m going crazy just thinking of it.

Naturally, the old man likes the third idea. Figures, doesn’t it? And it does makes sense, but I simply hate it and am hoping that I’d be given peace about it and cheerfully submit to him and his plan through Him. But it isn’t going to well so far. I’m feeling quite high strung and pukey about it and I really should get it together because he’s picking the bull up right now.

The good news for you all is that I’ll be writing up some blog posts as a means of distraction.

How about shooting me some name ideas? All I can think of is Ferdinand, but he’s red not black? I’d love to hear what you all come up with.

I’ll post photos tonight so you all can see what a looker he is.

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