8 Herbal Compound Butter Recipes


Garlic & Herbs

Stuff it under the skin on roast chicken

Red Wine & Thyme

Drop a pat down on your steak or slice of roast beef

Rosemary & Sage

Try these traditional flavors on pork

Lemon & Dill

Cook white fish in this butter for a few minutes on each side until flakey

Pancetta & Herbs

Great way to get that bacon flavor in your eggs or stuff a pat inside your burgers.

Chipotle & Parm

Try it on sweet corn or any vegetables!

Italian Herbs

Cook your onions and garlic in this butter as a base for pasta sauce.

Maple Spice

Not an herbal butter, but too good to leave out. Try it on winter squash, sweet potatoes, or biscuits.


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