How to Make Echinacea Tincture



  1. This tincture is made throughout the growing season.
  2. Beginning in late spring/early summer, before the flowers blossom, place a handful of leaves in a mason jar and cover them completely with 80-proof vodka.
  3. Set it somewhere you'll remember to give it a shaking every day.
  4. During the peak of summer when the flowers are in their prime (no browning), gather several and add them to the jar with the leaves.
  5. Continue shaking daily.
  6. After your last frost, but before the ground is frozen, dug up the roots of a 3+ year-old plant. Take just a branch or two of the root and rebury the plant.
  7. Clean the soil from off the roots and chop them into pieces.
  8. Add the chopped roots to the tincture, adding more vodka if necessary.
  9. Allow the tincture to sit, shaking daily, for about another month or two.
  10. Strain the plant parts from the tincture, composting the plants and reserving the tincture to use when you're feeling ill.

How to Take Echinacea Tincture

Adult Dosage: ¼ -½  teaspoon every hour for adults during illness. Discontinue use when you're feeling better.

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