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~May on the Homestead~

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Moving on from the gardening depression of earlier this week, other things happened on the homestead last month besides rain and death. I’m thankful for the diversification. Keeps one from throwing in the towel to have something going right when all else is going so wrong. {Landscape Photography} Isn’t that a lovely view of our […] Read more…


~Make Known His Deeds~

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Make Know His Deeds |

One Year Ago: ~A Hostile Turkey~ •My children playing in a thin blanket of snow with their screams of joy permeating the thick walls of our new warm home. •This new and larger home to stretch out in that we began praying for a year ago and struggled with impatience to wait and be blessed […] Read more…


~A Hostile Turkey~

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How was your Thanksgiving? I trust that it was restful, refreshing, and overflowing with gratitude to Him from whom all blessings flow! We spent a quiet day at home. The children playing, the boys working on some home projects and dreaming of Monday’s (yesterday’s) hunt, and myself preparing a meal in the kitchen. It was […] Read more…

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~2011 Poultry Additions~

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My children were so excited when the Murray McMurray catalogue came in the mail this year that I promised that they could each choose their favorite breed and I would get them each a pet chicken. Can’t complain about a pet with perks, can you? The only catch was that they couldn’t be straight run. […] Read more…

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~2010 Homestead Yields~

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We’re thanking the Lord for the bountiful harvest we reaped from our little 2 1/2 acres this year! That total yield is about 1000 pounds per acre!  Over a whole ton of food! Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honor all the day. Psalm 71:8 Read more…

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~Let’s Talk Turkey~

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Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 8.43.55 AM

One of our goals on our homestead is that our operational costs would be comparable to what we would be paying for food at the grocery store but that our food would in most cases be superior in flavor and nutritional value as a result of the freshness factor. But the thing is that we […] Read more…


Backyard Banter

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They’re back! We gave these fellows away several weeks ago to someone who lost half of their flock. We suspected they were roosters at the time, but since they were “Mystery Chickens” we didn’t know for sure. Well they’re definitely roos and they came back to us much noisier than they were when they left! […] Read more…


Wanna’ Hear Something Funny?

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Well, first you would have to go here and read this post from just yesterday. Then come back and laugh at me (NOT with me!) when you find out that my husband brought home 7 turkey eggs whose mother abandoned them this afternoon. Candling showed they are all alive, so if we don’t screw anything […] Read more…

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Almost Only Counts In Horseshoes

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If anyone was disillusioned that when Thanksgiving rolled around I may go soft and have a difficult time consenting to the butchering of the turkeys, allow me to allay your concerns. It is with anticipation in fact that I look forward to that time! (And it’s hard to get me to want summer to ever […] Read more…


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Royal Palm Turkey Feathers Lydia’s “girlie”, our Royal Palm Turkey we hatched this spring,  has been cracking us up all day as she reacts in an rather unorthodox manner to my husband the hunter’s new iPod Touch application that plays various turkey calls.  She has taught us several things today. When her reaction to the […] Read more…


Lessons in Life and Death

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Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.38.36 AM

While homesteading can be frugal (after it’s been established), and educational for homeschoolers, it can also teach our children lessons in life and death. Last year, we took a particular shine to one of our new chicks. She was the sweetest of the flock and she faded away shortly after she began laying eggs (a […] Read more…


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