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~Sourdough Dinner Bread~

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Today I’m sharing the recipe for a sourdough dinner bread that has great dipping qualities for sauces and soups and the mild sourness makes a nice compliment to a savory winter meal. In the summer, I’m certain that it will be the carrier for my tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, or paired with a salad. Mmmm…. […] Read more…


~Sourdough Starter~

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I think that capturing my own wild yeast out of the air is one of the most empowering, “self-sufficinent” things I’ve been able to do! It is incredibly satisfying providing my family with their daily bread without being dependent on supermarkets to provide the leavening agent! I’ll be sharing some sourdough recipes here over the […] Read more…


~Sourdough Success~

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that I never posted the new thing I attempted to learn in October, to cable knit a sweater. Perhaps not. I’m still plugging away on that one, but didn’t want to get behind so I pursued the new skill I set out to learn in November regardless- to bake a beautiful loaf […] Read more…

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