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~Refashioned Jean Skirts~

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Tackling a reader’s question today… I was asked about finding maternity skirts and I’m so happy to report that this is my first pregnancy where I have exclusively worn skirts!! During my last pregnancy, I shared how uncomfortable and restrictive I find maternity jeans to be. Perhaps I’m shaped funny or something, but I feel […] Read more…

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For those of you who are new to Reformation Acres, you may not know that I purposed last summer to pace myself and concentrate on learning one new skill monthly. I have a tendency to learn and do everything I’m interested in at a particular time all at once, never doing anything really well and also […] Read more…

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~Gathering Apron Tutorial~

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I’m incredibly excited to share this tutorial with you today!After mentioning that I was in the market for an apron that would be long enough to accommodate impromptu garden harvests, I was introduced to the concept of a gathering apron. Obviously, I immediately loved it! A gathering harvest apron is perfect and was better than […] Read more…


~Sewing Q & A~

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I thought I would address some common sewing questions that I’ve received. After all, it may be that more than one person has wondered the same thing. How do you sew and do school? My sewing table is my kitchen table and with the mess that I make creating all those different articles, I don’t […] Read more…

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~Busy Days~

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A springtime offering made while at my ironing board by my little picker.  I do believe that April is my new October. Maybe not. Maybe it just feels that way since I’m not much of a seamstress, but I had ever so much sewing to do this month. I find I can dress my girlies […] Read more…

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Last spring I finished a project involving thread crocheting that had taken me quite a long time to complete. And while I knew how to crochet, I discovered that using a tiny hook and that delicate wisp of cotton is an entirely different undertaking which was quite a challenge. I came away with a fresh […] Read more…

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~Spring Sewing~

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Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 8.43.55 AM

Are you looking for modest girls patterns to sew this spring? I was and like last year, I thought I’d share them here. Many from last year’s selections are still available and these are some additions. Maybe my girls are particularly small, but it always seems to me that most patterns run long on them where […] Read more…

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