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~Introducing the 2014 Vegetable Garden~

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With the planting on the onion seeds, Reformation Acres 2014 vegetable gardening season has officially begun. With garden space expanded exponentially this year, I am loaded with seeds that I’ve saved from previous years or have been buying and squirreling away for the upcoming gardening season. Let’s just say I’m an “enthusiastic” seed shopper. There […] Read more…


~Spring Sowing Schedule~

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In the absence of a very detailed plan, I fear this summer will find many of my seeds unplanted and my goal of increasing our produce yields unrealized. I already have such a large quantity piling up in my half gallon mason jar of half used packets in the refrigerator, plus others that were never […] Read more…

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~Chit Chat~

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I was chatting with Gina last night about chitting. I imagine it’s not often that someone can truly claim to have been chit chatting, but we can. But I don’t want you to feel left out, so I’ll chit chat with you too In a nutshell, chitting is starting (or rather pre-starting) your seeds in […] Read more…

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~Furry Soil~

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I recently tried a gardening product from a popular company, Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Bone Meal, and I wanted to share my experience for the benefit of my fellow gardening friends. “Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Bone Meal is an organic phosphorous supplement, ideal for promoting vigorous root and flower growth or correcting a phosphorous deficiency in your garden […] Read more…


Seeking Seedling Advice

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celery This year we are experimenting with starting some of our vegetable garden seedlings ourselves as I mentioned previously. I have been tenderly nurturing my little seedlings and learning a lot. I thought that I would update our progress, share what worked, and most importantly, solicit advice. I started them in wet paper towels inside […] Read more…


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