Strawberry Chamomile Cake {Giveaway}

| Farmstead Cookery, Recipes

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 5.46.37 AM

Are you looking forward to summer yet?  Me too! There are so many reasons why I enjoy the warmer days of the year, but with the summer season coinciding with strawberry season, my preference is definitely swayed. There is nothing like freshly picked ripe berries! The scent and flavor of when the berry’s time off the vine […] Read more…


Sleepytime Herbal Tea Mix

| Herbs, Natural Health and Beauty, Recipes

sleepytime tea (2 of 2)

This herbal tea mix not only tastes delicious but is a wonderful natural sleep aid and will help you relax and sleep soundly.  For Various and Sundry reasons sleep has not been coming easily for me. I’m already prone to get restless leg and anxiety about how quickly morning will come doesn’t help matters much. After […] Read more…

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Learn to Make Cottage Cheese

| Dairy, Farmstead Cookery, Recipes

Cottage Cheese

Last year I decided it was high time I learned how to make cottage cheese. I had no idea what I was in for when I formed that resolution. I figured, “Eh. It’s kinda like ricotta cheese. How hard can it be?” It wasn’t difficult so much as it was… disgusting. Turns out that homemade cottage […] Read more…


How to Can Dry Beans and Peas

| Food Preservation, Recipes

Canned Dry Beans

I always have such fun experimenting with new plants and varieties in the garden! This year I tried growing our own dry beans for using in soup and stew recipes over the winter. My expectations were pretty low… I had tried growing them last year as an underplanting in the dent corn (think 3 sisters) […] Read more…


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