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~Our Home Education Program~

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I think it is pretty safe to say that most homeschooling mothers are always on the look-out for the perfect curriculum. One that is wholesome, well-rounded, simple, attractive, comprehensive, preferably inexpensive. The very existence of bustling “vendor halls” across the nation testify to this fact and we’ve all known the disappointed feeling as our hope […] Read more…


~Your Questions: Off-Grid & Preparedness~

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Well here’s a subject I feel totally unqualified to tackle. (Actually, I feel that way with most subjects, but more so with this one.) What follows is more of a hodge-podge of thoughts I’ve had over the last couple years probably with gaps of logic big enough to drive a car through. But here they […] Read more…

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~Refashioned Jean Skirts~

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Tackling a reader’s question today… I was asked about finding maternity skirts and I’m so happy to report that this is my first pregnancy where I have exclusively worn skirts!! During my last pregnancy, I shared how uncomfortable and restrictive I find maternity jeans to be. Perhaps I’m shaped funny or something, but I feel […] Read more…

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