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~Your Questions: Eating Grains~

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I have been asked or involved in discussions oeveral times over the last few months about whether or not our family eats grains. It’s one of those hot button topics about which everyone seems to have an opinion.  There is a lot of controversy about grains and the effects they have on our health. Usually […] Read more…


~Our Home Education Program~

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I think it is pretty safe to say that most homeschooling mothers are always on the look-out for the perfect curriculum. One that is wholesome, well-rounded, simple, attractive, comprehensive, preferably inexpensive. The very existence of bustling “vendor halls” across the nation testify to this fact and we’ve all known the disappointed feeling as our hope […] Read more…


~Refashioned Jean Skirts~

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Tackling a reader’s question today… I was asked about finding maternity skirts and I’m so happy to report that this is my first pregnancy where I have exclusively worn skirts!! During my last pregnancy, I shared how uncomfortable and restrictive I find maternity jeans to be. Perhaps I’m shaped funny or something, but I feel […] Read more…

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