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Change of Plans

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{Farm Scenes #22} It’s time to face that no matter how much I can *hope* that life is going to be a little less messy any day now, for too long it’s been one thing or another and we can’t keep up. It’s time to admit that the last thing we need is to take on […] Read more…


~Partners in Homestead Waste Management~

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I’m a big stickler on everyone pulling their weight around here.  There really “ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” I’m not saying that everyone does (or that even I always do.) But it’s the ideal. But in a perfect world everyone has their jobs and someone needs to take out the trash. Actually, […] Read more…


~2014 Hog Butchering & Stats (Round One)~

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{Breaking Down into Primals} {Sausage Making Crew} {Snacking on Stale Bread} {The Butchering Frame… and kitty finished up snacking} {Before} {After} (This is one of the cure recipes we’re trying…)  {Wet Brine for other Hams} {And this is what it’s all about! The BACON!!} {Because one shot simply isn’t enough.} {Thanks Gals!} 2014 Hog Butchering […] Read more…


~Random Glimpses {Ten}~

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One Year Ago Today: ~The 25th Psalm~ Week Ten.  Which is simply the number of weeks since I randomly chose to post photos of random homestead happenings.  Of which this happens to be the tenth week.  Which happens to be the week I finished up the 2013 canning season, by pulling some frozen elderberries out […] Read more…


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