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~Dealing with Insects and Disease in the Garden~

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The organic grower who does not understand the importance of cause correction rather than symptom treatment in preventing insect and disease problems is missing out on the pest philosophy of the future… None of these techniques, whether chemical or “organic,” is any different from the others. They are all palliatives. The word palliative, derived from […] Read more…

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~2012 Garden: August~

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The herb garden.  Slowly, but surely,  coming along.  {week one} {week two} {week three} {week four} August brought with it  ~the close of the cucumber harvest,  ~the largest onion & potato yields to date,  ~the early trickling in of peppers, tomatoes, and green beans,  ~parsnip seed was collected for next season, ~ a fall garden […] Read more…

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There has been a marauder in my modest pea patch this year who has successfully managed to thwart my aspirations of an abundant harvest. Fortunately, this little thief is easily spotted due to his large size and propensity to be adorned in bright colors.  More often than not, he works alone. But he has been […] Read more…

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