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Peppermint Pine Headache Salve

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Peppermint Pine Headache Salve (2 of 18)

I’m usually quite stubborn about my headaches and refuse pain relievers. Perhaps it comes from years of consecutive pregnancies and nursing babies, but I’d rather deal with it or sleep it off than medicate. It’s a personal preference and thankfully my headaches are mostly tension headaches or the result of needing a chiropractic adjustment so […] Read more…


Sleepytime Herbal Tea Mix

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This herbal tea mix not only tastes delicious but is a wonderful natural sleep aid and will help you relax and sleep soundly.  For Various and Sundry reasons sleep has not been coming easily for me. I’m already prone to get restless leg and anxiety about how quickly morning will come doesn’t help matters much. After […] Read more…

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Herbal Deodorant Spray Recipe

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Long ago, when I wrote with the warmth & snuggliness of the full assurance of my anonymity, I was able to share things with you such as my All-Natural Hair Care regime. After numerous spousal blunders and slips (ironically he never reads here), I no longer am wrapped in that downy soft security blanket and now […] Read more…


How To Make Violet Lotion

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violet lotion-7

I’ve learned how to make the best homemade body lotion! It’s naturally ultra-moisturizing and uses real organic ingredients instead of a chemical cocktail on my body’s largest organ, my skin. Let me show you how to make your own!  Years and years ago, I saw a recipe in a natural health & beauty book for violet […] Read more…


Sweet Vanilla Butter Lip Balm

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lip balm-3

  Everyone should have a simple, go-to lip balm recipe in their DIY health & beauty care arsenal! Learning how to dddke your own chapstick is incredibly easy and much more healing and protective than the tubes you’ll find in the stores. Normally, I find them to be drying and I’ll have to continually reapply […] Read more…


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