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Herbal Deodorant Spray Recipe

| Herbs, Natural Health and Beauty

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Long ago, when I wrote with the warmth & snuggliness of the full assurance of my anonymity, I was able to share things with you such as my All-Natural Hair Care regime. After numerous spousal blunders and slips (ironically he never reads here), I no longer am wrapped in that downy soft security blanket and now […] Read more…


How To Make Violet Lotion

| Natural Health and Beauty

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I’ve learned how to make the best homemade body lotion! It’s naturally ultra-moisturizing and uses real organic ingredients instead of a chemical cocktail on my body’s largest organ, my skin. Let me show you how to make your own!  Years and years ago, I saw a recipe in a natural health & beauty book for violet […] Read more…


Sweet Vanilla Butter Lip Balm

| Natural Health and Beauty

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  Everyone should have a simple, go-to lip balm recipe in their DIY health & beauty care arsenal! Learning how to dddke your own chapstick is incredibly easy and much more healing and protective than the tubes you’ll find in the stores. Normally, I find them to be drying and I’ll have to continually reapply […] Read more…


Homesteader’s Tallow Soap

| Natural Health and Beauty, Soap

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Looking for a natural, handmade tallow soap recipe? Look no further! This simple cold-process (lye) recipe uses basic ingredients and makes a nice hard bar of soap with the perfect creamy lather you want in a cleansing soap!  Once upon a time (last year) I was afraid to make soap. Don’t laugh! Surely, I’m not the […] Read more…


Natural Homemade Udder Butter

| Cattle, Natural Health and Beauty

Udder Butter-3

Here’s the recipe for our homemade udder balm! We’re whipping up shea butter and coconut oil along with essential oils and a few other ingredients as a natural body lotion on our sweet Jersey cows after milking time. (And stealing a smidge for our own hands too when we’re done!)  Our gals are the best! Ok, so […] Read more…


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