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Kitchen Garden Work

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{Farm Scene #4} Traditionally our Memorial Day weekend is marked by getting the garden in. Last year, because of the weather we pushed it back a week or two, but this morning was such a lovely one and the forecast looks good enough that I do believe we’re in the clear so far as frosts […] Read more…


~Today in the Garden~

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I remember this time of the gardening season. After seed sowing, before the harvest, not quite the calm before the storm. With a larger space to manage this year (x’s 8!), it’s taking me a little longer to get to that calm before the storm point though. That’s where those first post-sowing weeds are all […] Read more…


~Start with the Soil~

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An exuberantly healthy soil is the cornerstone of a sustainable garden. The virtues bestowed by a living, fertile soil are legion. When we pack the growing earth with organic matter, via thick mulch, self-renewing roots, and buried debris, we’re beckoning the industrious workers of the soil. Worms, tiny beetles and mites, bacteria, fungi, and a […] Read more…


~Berries & Grapes: Bacterial or Fungal?~

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With all the fruit harvesting we’ve been doing over the last few weeks, I’ve had orchard care and maintenance on the brain.  Among the tools on my to-purchase list for my holistic management arsenal are cold-pressed fish hydrolysate, kaolin clay (for next year though), and neem oil. Although I’d like to get on a spring […] Read more…

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~A Peek Into Our Soil Food Web (VIDEO)~

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I received quite a bit of criticism since I have been re-thinking mulch gardening.  I suppose it’s understandable. After all, the Back to Eden garden does look amazing, the gardener has years of experience with wood chip mulching, and all I’ve done is read a book. After reading the book, authored by gardeners with a life […] Read more…

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