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An Ideal Farm

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Everyone shares a kinship with the land. No matter where we are in time or distance, the desire for an ideal country spot is very real. Whether the image comes from books, childhood experiences, ro the depths of our souls, it has an indelible quality. The dream farm has fields here, an orchard there, a […] Read more…


The Gardens in August (and July)

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Two words. Chickens. Wind. Frankly I can’t tell which force was most destructive to my garden though I will say that the wind did its work much more quickly. About a week ago, you know just when I was going to have the gardens photographed in all their splendor, a terrific storm hit us and […] Read more…


Kitchen Garden Work

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{Farm Scene #4} Traditionally our Memorial Day weekend is marked by getting the garden in. Last year, because of the weather we pushed it back a week or two, but this morning was such a lovely one and the forecast looks good enough that I do believe we’re in the clear so far as frosts […] Read more…


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