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2015 Homestead Yields & Cost Analysis

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While I find it incredibly beneficial to keep homestead notes and maintain a homestead management binder, my favorite part of keeping records comes in the new year when I tally it all up and see just how much food we were able to grow for our family and how it compares financially to purchasing it. Yes, […] Read more…


My Hero

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puppies (1 of 1)

This week I found a whole new respect for our dogs when we had our first official trespasser on the property. I was able to witness livestock guardian dogs in action and it was amazing. Until now, I scratch the ears of our sweet & lovey dogs and wonder if they had it in them. Sure they have spent […] Read more…


How to Dry Up Your Family Cow

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“How to Dry up You Family Cow.” Otherwise known as “The Annual 60 Day Raw Milk Fast.” It is a time that will test your patience and cause much lamentation. It means water with your breakfast or, worse, store-bought milk. (You might try that once, but only once. It’s only when you go back after […] Read more…


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