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Change of Plans

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{Farm Scenes #22} It’s time to face that no matter how much I can *hope* that life is going to be a little less messy any day now, for too long it’s been one thing or another and we can’t keep up. It’s time to admit that the last thing we need is to take on […] Read more…


In The Box

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{Farm Scene #17} Today we drove to our nearest hatchery and picked up this year’s order of laying chicks. (The broilers will be here later in the week.) I like to get a “few” replacements every year knowing that just as they begin laying, the rest of the flock will slow down because of the […] Read more…


Under the Weather

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{Farm Scene #12} Poor Holly is feeling under the weather tonight and we’re praying it doesn’t turn into anything serious overnight. While she is 8 years old, I’m hoping to have a few more happy years with her. She wasn’t eager to get into the fresh grass when we moved the paddock tonight and after […] Read more…


Lambing Season {2015}

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Whelp, our first lambing season is officially over. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride full of anticipation, anxiety, hope, sadness, and a couple surprises. I started watching for the first lamb a full month before she was even born. We turned the ram in with the ewes and saw him make advances the very […] Read more…


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