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Day in the Life of a Homestead

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Day in the Life of a Homesteader-129

Don’t you just love a good farm tour? Honestly, if I’ve got to leave ours, I hope that’s where I’m going! Even better than a farm tour though is getting to see the in’s and out’s of farm life from not one, not two, but several homesteads… seeing what life is really like during a day […] Read more…


Change of Plans

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{Farm Scenes #22} It’s time to face that no matter how much I can *hope* that life is going to be a little less messy any day now, for too long it’s been one thing or another and we can’t keep up. It’s time to admit that the last thing we need is to take on […] Read more…


In The Box

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{Farm Scene #17} Today we drove to our nearest hatchery and picked up this year’s order of laying chicks. (The broilers will be here later in the week.) I like to get a “few” replacements every year knowing that just as they begin laying, the rest of the flock will slow down because of the […] Read more…


Under the Weather

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{Farm Scene #12} Poor Holly is feeling under the weather tonight and we’re praying it doesn’t turn into anything serious overnight. While she is 8 years old, I’m hoping to have a few more happy years with her. She wasn’t eager to get into the fresh grass when we moved the paddock tonight and after […] Read more…


Daisy & Sausage Flowers

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daisy calf_-9

I’ve been writing here for what? Over six years now? A fact that, in and of itself is insane to me, but that’s not the point. The point is I’ve learned over 6 years that from time to time, for sundry reasons, I don’t write or rather can’t write. Sometimes it’s doubt. No one wants […] Read more…


Lambing Season {2015}

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Whelp, our first lambing season is officially over. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride full of anticipation, anxiety, hope, sadness, and a couple surprises. I started watching for the first lamb a full month before she was even born. We turned the ram in with the ewes and saw him make advances the very […] Read more…



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Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.12.02 PM

If I could summarize life with one word right now, it would be “failure.” Seems like everything we put our hands to is a scramble to make it turn out. In the last few months we had our breeding stock pigs die, we had a cow unbelievably miscarry triplets days before the bull had to go back […] Read more…


How to Improve Your Pasture (For Free)

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Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.11.08 PM

Does your pasture resemble more of a lawn? Pasture seed sure isn’t cheap! Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll afford to re-seed it. This simple way of feeding your livestock hay this winter will spread seed and fertilizer right where you need it! This fall, for the first time in our homesteading career, we purchased pasture […] Read more…


Your Questions: Can I Own a Dairy Cow (Or Goat) AND Still Have a Life?

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We have recently started up a small, raw milk dairy, weaned the calves and have moved to twice a day milking. I am expecting our third child (3 under 4) and was wondering about how I am going to manage to leave our place again. How do you balance being able to go to things […] Read more…


Our New Heat Detection Machine

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I find that I enjoy introducing you to cattle. Might as well enjoy it since I do it so frequently. I mean in the last 14 months, you’ve met Maby, Holly, Bailey, Rusty, Stella, Candy, and “Big Bertha.” Well this chap is Dozer. He came to us as A Bull With No Name. Meaning that […] Read more…


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