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Homemaking (Without the Stress)

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Spring has barely begun and already I’m feeling overwhelmed! I should have started some seeds over the weekend, an ewe who we thought wasn’t even bred surprised us with a lamb in the field this morning which took 4 hours to get settled in a pen, I haven’t prepared homeschool lessons for this week, the […] Read more…


Time & Money {Why I DIY}

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In the wake of my cost analysis for our meat chickens this year, an interesting conversation began on why I didn’t include labor in my analysis and whether or not the endeavor of raising our own meat was truly profitable. There was much food for thought in the question, but when you boil it down, […] Read more…


In Praise of a Scoon

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Check out my new set of spoons from Amazing Graze General Store! They are heavy duty durable & multi-functional measuring spoons. I love them!

So I’ve got this problem. I don’t know if it’s a “large family” problem or a “medium family” problem. Or a “small family” problem, but deep down I suspect it’s a “my family” problem. Well let’s put it this way, when I was a kid, my mama sure didn’t have this problem! What is it […] Read more…


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