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Pasture Find

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{Farm Scenes #30} Most of today’s farm work was spent moving animals. Setting up for the broilers to come out of the brooder… they’re well past the time for doing so, but we’re so far behind with everything right now it hasn’t happened. We set up a paddock for the pigs… and tried to move […] Read more…

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~The Fall Garden~

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It would seem that I’ve topped my month-late August garden update with a two month-late September and October garden update. For the purpose of journaling/record-keeping here is how we fared the last couple of months-  {Main Garden} {Early September}{Early October}{Mid-October}{Late October}{Corn & Pumpkin} {Early September}{Late September}{Early October}{Fall Garden #1}   Kale, Mangel Beets, Parisian Carrots, Purple […] Read more…

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~2012 Garden: August~

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The herb garden.  Slowly, but surely,  coming along.  {week one} {week two} {week three} {week four} August brought with it  ~the close of the cucumber harvest,  ~the largest onion & potato yields to date,  ~the early trickling in of peppers, tomatoes, and green beans,  ~parsnip seed was collected for next season, ~ a fall garden […] Read more…

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~Nothing Compares~

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We’re the first culture that views children as liabilities instead of assets. All cultures in history viewed children as a blessing. Today we talk about the cost of raising a child. You know, this is the first generation which the average child has not had domestic chores… kids used to grow up weeding the garden, […] Read more…

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~Week 20~

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5/13- First chive blossoms… Rebekah (2 next week) found them at some point and her little baby breath hasn’t been sweet since.  5/14 & 5/15- I succeeded in continuing to fail at this little challenge I’ve made for myself.  5/16-Only five more feet of pathway to go. Surely we’d be finished by now if nearly […] Read more…

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~An Herbal Garden Update~

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Despite feeling inspired this spring, my herbal aspirations didn’t amount to much this year. The herbs and edible flowers I tried to start from seed in the window boxes seemed as though their growth was stagnated causing discouragement followed by a failure to keep them watered which, of course, led to their eventual death. I […] Read more…

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~A Little Herbal Garden Inspiration~

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I’ve been searching for a little herbal garden inspiration lately as I shift back and forth between simply adding herbs to my perennial gardens or delegating a piece of our land exclusively to the purpose of growing herbs.  At this time I’m leaning toward… both.  I’ll continue to add to my perennial gardens as always, […] Read more…

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