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Herbal Deodorant Spray Recipe

| Herbs, Natural Health and Beauty

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Long ago, when I wrote with the warmth & snuggliness of the full assurance of my anonymity, I was able to share things with you such as my All-Natural Hair Care regime. After numerous spousal blunders and slips (ironically he never reads here), I no longer am wrapped in that downy soft security blanket and now […] Read more…


Pasture Find

| Farm Scenes, Herbs


{Farm Scenes #30} Most of today’s farm work was spent moving animals. Setting up for the broilers to come out of the brooder… they’re well past the time for doing so, but we’re so far behind with everything right now it hasn’t happened. We set up a paddock for the pigs… and tried to move […] Read more…

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Daisy & Sausage Flowers

| Animal Husbandry, Cattle, Herbs

daisy calf_-9

I’ve been writing here for what? Over six years now? A fact that, in and of itself is insane to me, but that’s not the point. The point is I’ve learned over 6 years that from time to time, for sundry reasons, I don’t write or rather can’t write. Sometimes it’s doubt. No one wants […] Read more…


~8 Culinary Herbs for the Shade Garden~

| Gardening, Herbs


It’s said the best place for the kitchen herb garden is… well… right outside the kitchen. But not every garden space near the kitchen is an ideal location for growing herbs because they would be in shade. Such is the case in my new home. There will be no skipping outdoors and snipping fresh oregano […] Read more…


~The Fall Garden~

| 2012 Vegetable Garden, Gardening, Herbs


It would seem that I’ve topped my month-late August garden update with a two month-late September and October garden update. For the purpose of journaling/record-keeping here is how we fared the last couple of months-  {Main Garden} {Early September}{Early October}{Mid-October}{Late October}{Corn & Pumpkin} {Early September}{Late September}{Early October}{Fall Garden #1}   Kale, Mangel Beets, Parisian Carrots, Purple […] Read more…

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