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2015 Homestead Yields & Cost Analysis

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While I find it incredibly beneficial to keep homestead notes and maintain a homestead management binder, my favorite part of keeping records comes in the new year when I tally it all up and see just how much food we were able to grow for our family and how it compares financially to purchasing it. Yes, […] Read more…


How to Dry Up Your Family Cow

| Animal Husbandry, Cattle


“How to Dry up You Family Cow.” Otherwise known as “The Annual 60 Day Raw Milk Fast.” It is a time that will test your patience and cause much lamentation. It means water with your breakfast or, worse, store-bought milk. (You might try that once, but only once. It’s only when you go back after […] Read more…


I Told You So.

| Birth Stories, Cattle

Annie Jersey Heifer Calf-7

{Farm Scenes #31} That’s what I said to him as he came walking up to me in the pasture. The day before I told him not to drive 2 ½ hours away when he didn’t really need to because, even though it wasn’t a week until she was due, I thought the state of Holly’s […] Read more…


Under the Weather

| Animal Husbandry, Cattle, Farm Scenes


{Farm Scene #12} Poor Holly is feeling under the weather tonight and we’re praying it doesn’t turn into anything serious overnight. While she is 8 years old, I’m hoping to have a few more happy years with her. She wasn’t eager to get into the fresh grass when we moved the paddock tonight and after […] Read more…


Daisy & Sausage Flowers

| Animal Husbandry, Cattle, Herbs

daisy calf_-9

I’ve been writing here for what? Over six years now? A fact that, in and of itself is insane to me, but that’s not the point. The point is I’ve learned over 6 years that from time to time, for sundry reasons, I don’t write or rather can’t write. Sometimes it’s doubt. No one wants […] Read more…


Natural Homemade Udder Butter

| Cattle, Natural Health and Beauty

Udder Butter-3

Here’s the recipe for our homemade udder balm! We’re whipping up shea butter and coconut oil along with essential oils and a few other ingredients as a natural body lotion on our sweet Jersey cows after milking time. (And stealing a smidge for our own hands too when we’re done!)  Our gals are the best! Ok, so […] Read more…


How to Improve Your Pasture (For Free)

| Animal Husbandry, Cattle

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.11.08 PM

Pasture seed sure isn’t cheap! Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll afford to re-seed it. This simple way of feeding your livestock hay this winter will spread seed and fertilizer right where you need it! This fall, for the first time in our homesteading career, we purchased pasture seed. We’re feeling very blessed that our new […] Read more…


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