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Natural Homemade Udder Butter

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Udder Butter-3

Here’s the recipe for our homemade udder balm! We’re whipping up shea butter and coconut oil along with essential oils and a few other ingredients as a natural body lotion on our sweet Jersey cows after milking time. (And stealing a smidge for our own hands too when we’re done!)  Our gals are the best! Ok, so […] Read more…



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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.12.25 PM

UPDATE: She’s sold! And I’m so thankful that it’s to a family that will love and care for her just as we did Maybelle when we bought her for our first milk cow! Boo hoo. We’ve decided it’s time we ought to sell Maby. And by “we”, I mean my less sentimental half. After all, […] Read more…


Why We Feed Our Family Milk Cow Grain

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Why We Feed Our Family Milk Cow Grain

What kind of a self-respecting Cow Mama am I, exhibiting my poor gals before the proverbial world and pointing out all the imperfections in their body conditions?! Do you think they’ll forgive me because it was for educational purposes that I showed you that Holly is on the skinny side, Candy & Stella are just about […] Read more…


~Is My Cow Too Skinny? Evaluating Cattle Body Condition~

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So you’ve been dreaming of a family milk cow. Raw milk. Cream. Butter. Cheese. Clanging milk pails. Cool morning sunrises. The sweet smell of hay. The works. So you bought a piece of land. And it’s big enough to finally bring your gal home and start living the dream. Congratulations! But what if your small pasture […] Read more…


~Heat Watch 2014… Continues…~

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Well, the results are in. Here it is, late September, and only ONE of our three cows are bred! Let’s all give Stella our sincerest congratulations on her expected arrival next year! Dear gal has earned a crown and may continue her reign as Still My Favorite. It has been an interesting year as we learn […] Read more…


~My Side of the Milk Bucket~

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{I Heart Raw Milk}   {Splish Splash} {Our Dolly, Holly}     {Sweet Stella Vanilla} {Dandy Candy} {I Got A Little Sloppy, Don’t You Think? *Hangs Head in Shame*} {Candy’s Cream. Oh.My. Go’ness.} {The Most Yellow I’ve Personally Seen} {Bright, Beautiful Buttah} “My Side of the Milk Bucket.” Sounds like a good series title for ranting […] Read more…


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