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In The Box

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{Farm Scene #17} Today we drove to our nearest hatchery and picked up this year’s order of laying chicks. (The broilers will be here later in the week.) I like to get a “few” replacements every year knowing that just as they begin laying, the rest of the flock will slow down because of the […] Read more…


~Partners in Homestead Waste Management~

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I’m a big stickler on everyone pulling their weight around here.  There really “ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” I’m not saying that everyone does (or that even I always do.) But it’s the ideal. But in a perfect world everyone has their jobs and someone needs to take out the trash. Actually, […] Read more…


~Counting Chickens Before They Hatch~

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People who count their chi

Perhaps it makes me a lousy homesteader, but I never know how many chickens we have running around this place. When I’m curious about a general number, I simply have to ask a child. They must be more patient than I am is all I can figure. Now, daily egg totals are a different story. […] Read more…


~Ancona Chicken~

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Our Ancona hen is probably one of the most unusual laying hens in our flock. Her companions being comprised of Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Australorps, and Golden Comets ,and others are more typical birds you’ll find among a group of chickens.  She came to be here when one year I let the children flip through […] Read more…


~One Year Old~

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Last year, we reserved three of the Freedom Ranger broilers to see how long they would survive, whether or not they would lay eggs, and perhaps whether or not we could breed our own meat chickens. I would never expect a cross to grow as fast as a ranger broiler, but that’s alright… I’m not […] Read more…


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