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How Much Does It Cost To Raise Chickens For Meat?

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We’ve been raising meat chickens for several years now. Every year we learn something new and seem to generally be improving our system. We love raising the Freedom Ranger broilers (or whatever you want to call them) in particular. We love watching our future roast chicken running around eating what it was created to eat- […] Read more…


~Chore Time: Moving the Pastured Ranger Broilers (VIDEO)~

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Our Freedom Ranger Broiler Chickens that we’re raising for meat to feed our family aren’t about to live a pampered life. Oh no, no, no. No air-conditioned shady barns. No all-you-can-eat buffets style feeding troughs where they can lounge around all day gorging themselves. No bellies burned of all their feathers from lying about in their […] Read more…


~Partners in Homestead Waste Management~

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I’m a big stickler on everyone pulling their weight around here.  There really “ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” I’m not saying that everyone does (or that even I always do.) But it’s the ideal. But in a perfect world everyone has their jobs and someone needs to take out the trash. Actually, […] Read more…


~2013 Homestead Yields & Cost Analysis~

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It may take a little extra time and effort to track and record what your homestead is producing, but at the end of the year, it is well worth the work when you see just exactly how much food you could grow on your land. I always have found it to be very rewarding in […] Read more…


~Random Glimpses {Seven}~

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One Year Ago: ~Week 42~ Looking back, I didn’t use the camera much last week. I don’t know if I’m just feeling lazy or if I’m still rebelling against the cooling temperatures.  One cool-weather change I’m looking forward to is pulling out the knitting needles.  I make a blanket for every baby and I haven’t […] Read more…


~Gleanings from September~

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For the garden… Sewn Seed Packets… adorable and frugal… this could make a nice first sewing project for a young lady too I’m thinking.  (Note: I can’t find the original article on the website.)   Honeybee Garden… since I’ve given myself permission to encourage pollinators and since there isn’t much of that built into the […] Read more…

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~Random Glimpses {Three}~

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Here’s a glimpse into our week last week… It was full of open doors, screens with holes, and cats on counters. Tom found the scent of my mozzarella very enticing… But made himself at home when he realized he couldn’t gain access. He wasn’t easily deterred and went right back to try again just before […] Read more…

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~Random Glimpses {One}~

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Here is a glimpse into our last week. It’s random, I know, but this is what we’ve been up to this week and what I’ve photo journaled of it… One Year Ago: ~2012 Garden: August~ Right now kitchen duty is old news. There are too many exciting and new things to be done elsewhere and […] Read more…

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