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In Praise of a Scoon

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Check out my new set of spoons from Amazing Graze General Store! They are heavy duty durable & multi-functional measuring spoons. I love them!

So I’ve got this problem. I don’t know if it’s a “large family” problem or a “medium family” problem. Or a “small family” problem, but deep down I suspect it’s a “my family” problem. Well let’s put it this way, when I was a kid, my mama sure didn’t have this problem! What is it […] Read more…


Bread of Life {A Giveaway}

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It has been nearly a decade since I taught myself how to sew. I’ve understood the value in the skill. How I could create frugal clothing and furnishings for our home and take my husband’s hard earned dollar further. But it has always been something I had to endure and get through each spring and […] Read more…


Winter Reading on the Homestead

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.40.20 PM

Can we admit it? Very few of us were raised on  a farm. If you were, what a blessing! So many of the struggles and failures that we’re experiencing, you might not have had to go through because you learned these things in your youth. The rest of us are soaking up the knowledge. Like […] Read more…


~A Different Sort of Woman~

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Instead of the superwoman of the 90’s, who was supposed to balance a full-time power career and come home to serve Uncle Ben’s to her smiling family, there’s a different sort of woman coming out of the woodwork these days. One who isn’t afraid to get some garden dirt under her fingernails. One who enjoys […] Read more…

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farmer hands.

I’m reading through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now. It’s slow going since my little one is nursing in sprints. I can’t blame her. There is a lot of action that goes on around here. It’s a book that is insightful, entertaining with its wit, educational, and inspiring all wrapped up into a neat package. Complete […] Read more…


~Start with the Soil~

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An exuberantly healthy soil is the cornerstone of a sustainable garden. The virtues bestowed by a living, fertile soil are legion. When we pack the growing earth with organic matter, via thick mulch, self-renewing roots, and buried debris, we’re beckoning the industrious workers of the soil. Worms, tiny beetles and mites, bacteria, fungi, and a […] Read more…


~Scotch Shortbread~

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Scotch Shortbread

Scotch Shortbread. With no eggs in the ingredients list, this a great cookie this time of year when some of us (ahem.) have rebelliously wicked hens who aren’t laying. Found in the Whole Grain Baking cookbook, they’re incredibly simple to make. And my husband has been caught begging our oldest daughter to throw a batch […] Read more…


~Dark and Soft Restaurant Dinner Rolls~

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Whole Grain, Dark, Soft Restaurant Copy Cat Dinner Rolls |

It’s been a while since I’ve been at a steakhouse that serves those adorable little dark brown dinner roll loaves of bread on a wooden board. A goodly long while. Taking a family of 9 to a high-priced restaurant would break the bank. But I do have fond memories of enjoying them. Thumbing through the […] Read more…


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