Pork Chops with Peppercorns, Wine Sauce, and Bay Leaves


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farmer hands.


I’m reading through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now. It’s slow going since my little one is nursing in sprints. I can’t blame her. There is a lot of action that … Continue Reading →

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~Start with the Soil~

An exuberantly healthy soil is the cornerstone of a sustainable garden. The virtues bestowed by a living, fertile soil are legion. When we pack the growing earth with organic matter, … Continue Reading →

Scotch Shortbread

~Scotch Shortbread~

Scotch Shortbread. With no eggs in the ingredients list, this a great cookie this time of year when some of us (ahem.) have rebelliously wicked hens who aren’t laying. Found … Continue Reading →

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~Library Haul~

One Year Ago Today: ~Week 44~ I recently (and finally!) explored my library options after having moved. I loved my last library and it’s inter-loan system and was terribly afraid that … Continue Reading →