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The Gardens in November

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Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.48.46 PM

Kale is in my opinion the show stealer of the fall and winter garden! It takes such a beating from the weather and yet still manages to keep on performing! And this variety, Red Russian Kale that I bought here, is especially dear to me as it is heirloom seed I grew & saved from […] Read more…


The Gardens in October

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fall garden beet greens

{The Kitchen Garden} October 1st November 1st And so ends the summer garden… and begins the fall garden. I’m as pleased as punch with how nicely the fall garden is doing!! It looks beautiful, tastes wonderful. It’s so satisfying to be able to still go outside and gather food for homegrown meals all the way […] Read more…


~The Gardens in September~

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garden tomatoes-7

{September 3rd} {October 1st} As if my lack of consistent writing wasn’t enough to convince you of the fact, allow me to declare it outright: The gardens in September consumed me. Frankly, it’s a good problem to have and one I asked for early spring in the planting. (Or you could go back even further […] Read more…


~The Gardens in July {2014}~

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August 5 KG

{July 1st}    {August 4th} After an abysmal June garden report, I’m back to check in with you all and show you how the gardens did last month. I promise, I’ll try not to be quite as depressing. Well it would seem things are coming along, I suppose. At least visually and Green-Growth-Wise. My problem is, […] Read more…


~The Gardens in June {2014}~

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{The Kitchen Garden} {June 1st} {July 1st} Please don’t laugh. Lord willing, I’m going to look back on these posts in a couple years and laugh myself about how deplorable our conditions are we’re trying to work with here. Surely, we’ll get better at this?! But in the meantime, please don’t laugh at my gardens. I’m […] Read more…


~Today in the Garden~

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I remember this time of the gardening season. After seed sowing, before the harvest, not quite the calm before the storm. With a larger space to manage this year (x’s 8!), it’s taking me a little longer to get to that calm before the storm point though. That’s where those first post-sowing weeds are all […] Read more…


~The Gardens in May {2014}~

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  Don’t let that pretty little photo of sunshiny, backlit peas fool you. May was a depressing month to be in our gardens. The first real month into the 2014 growing year and already we’ve had 5 crop failures. Yep, I said FIVE! 1.) Spinach 2.) Lettuce 3.) Radishes 4.) Peas 5.) Potatoes Is that everything? […] Read more…


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