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65 Recipes for Using and Preserving Green Tomatoes

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green tomato

Once the first hard frost hits, the tomato season is officially over. Here are 65 recipes for how to use, cook, fry, can, and preserve GREEN tomatoes that you pick the day before your first first! Whelp. It’s official. The 2014 Tomato Season is all wrapped up here at Reformation Acres. Considering how cool and wet […] Read more…


~The Gardens in June {2014}~

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{The Kitchen Garden} {June 1st} {July 1st} Please don’t laugh. Lord willing, I’m going to look back on these posts in a couple years and laugh myself about how deplorable our conditions are we’re trying to work with here. Surely, we’ll get better at this?! But in the meantime, please don’t laugh at my gardens. I’m […] Read more…


~Today in the Garden~

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I remember this time of the gardening season. After seed sowing, before the harvest, not quite the calm before the storm. With a larger space to manage this year (x’s 8!), it’s taking me a little longer to get to that calm before the storm point though. That’s where those first post-sowing weeds are all […] Read more…


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