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~2012 Homestead Yields & Cost Analysis~

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Well it’s that time of year again.  The time when I get a cold shock of reality and look back at all the records I kept, determining the profitability (or lack thereof) of all the time and money invested into raising our own food.  As I look over the numbers and see where we’ve made […] Read more…


~The Fall Garden~

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It would seem that I’ve topped my month-late August garden update with a two month-late September and October garden update. For the purpose of journaling/record-keeping here is how we fared the last couple of months-  {Main Garden} {Early September}{Early October}{Mid-October}{Late October}{Corn & Pumpkin} {Early September}{Late September}{Early October}{Fall Garden #1}   Kale, Mangel Beets, Parisian Carrots, Purple […] Read more…

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~2012 Garden: August~

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The herb garden.  Slowly, but surely,  coming along.  {week one} {week two} {week three} {week four} August brought with it  ~the close of the cucumber harvest,  ~the largest onion & potato yields to date,  ~the early trickling in of peppers, tomatoes, and green beans,  ~parsnip seed was collected for next season, ~ a fall garden […] Read more…

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~2012 Garden: July~

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A July Garden update in the middle of August. On a homesteading blog. Pathetic. For 5 minutes I contemplated skipping it and hoping you wouldn’t notice, but I’ve decided against it and offer as my only excuse that I try to keep a schedule with garden posting being done on Saturdays and they’ve seemed so […] Read more…

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~2012 Garden: June~

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 {week one} Slowly working through laying down hay mulch- I either didn’t have the mulch or the time, but I finally got it done that week. Have I ever mentioned how much I love garden mulching? Less weeding, less watering, and if that isn’t enough it improves the soil. win.  {week two} Thankfully, what […] Read more…

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~May’s Garden~

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This was our garden two weeks ago. Lots of beautiful greenery, right? Sadly, those are all weeds and it has been quite a task to remove them all. But underneath all that, the garden has been a little productive. The first sowing of radishes came in beautifully. No cracking of the globes thanks to the […] Read more…

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~Week 20~

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5/13- First chive blossoms… Rebekah (2 next week) found them at some point and her little baby breath hasn’t been sweet since.  5/14 & 5/15- I succeeded in continuing to fail at this little challenge I’ve made for myself.  5/16-Only five more feet of pathway to go. Surely we’d be finished by now if nearly […] Read more…

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~Weeks 18 & 19~

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It’s been eerily quiet here at my little corner of the web. I’ll try not to apologize for my absence, though I want to. Life has been full and springtime for the homesteader is the second most busy time of the year and like I said last week on Facebook, “less time writing about it, […] Read more…

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