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~Our Home Education Program~

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I think it is pretty safe to say that most homeschooling mothers are always on the look-out for the perfect curriculum. One that is wholesome, well-rounded, simple, attractive, comprehensive, preferably inexpensive. The very existence of bustling “vendor halls” across the nation testify to this fact and we’ve all known the disappointed feeling as our hope […] Read more…


~2011 Homestead Yields & Cost Analysis~

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We’ve come to that time of the year when all the hard work of record-keeping pays off and we can see what our 2 1/2 acres actually yielded. It’s no longer about insects, rain, and predators making us feel as though 2011 wasn’t everything that we hoped it would be.  But seeing the real figures […] Read more…


~2011 Pantry~

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As I had determined to do, I kept better records this year in various areas of our homestead and I realized yesterday morning that I was now able to tally up those records for not only the garden expenses, but also for the pantry inventory. No doubt, I did put up more food this year […] Read more…

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~August’s Garden~

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Sadly I didn’t make out to the garden but once during the month of August with my camera in hand. I thought of it often, but with a procrastinating attitude until I realized that August was nearly over and I needed a photo for my monthly update! August was a lousy month for the garden. […] Read more…

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~July’s Garden~

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{week two} {week three} {week four} We’re just beginning to see the fruit of our labors with a few stray zucchini’s trickling in and a couple pounds of peas and bush beans. I may be worrying unnecessarily, but I’m feeling altogether uneasy about the quantity of vegetation that this garden will produce for our family […] Read more…

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~June’s Garden~

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Once again, I’m reminded of just how much I love these monthly posts. (I hope you do too!) What a joy it is for me to see the weekly progress of our garden’s growth! When I pass through the gates, all I’m focused on are the negatives- stink bugs and cucumber beetles as I wage […] Read more…

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